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    53 Under-£20 Autumnal Amazon Home Items To Cheer You Up If The Dark Evenings Make You Think "FML"

    Hygge season ready.

    1. I did a double take when I saw the affordable price tag of this sunset projector lamp.

    2. Speaking of lights, these maple leaf LED string ones would be ideal for a cosy night in.

    3. This 'amber noir' scented candle is a total steal at just over £2!

    4. This set of six scented drawer liners look pretty and contain the scents of vanilla, sandalwood, green leaves, and more!

    5. Get cosy with this beige throw that somehow costs less than £8!

    6. People who always have cold feet will surely appreciate this foot warmer hot water bottle.

    7. Biscuit fans, we're all gonna need this mug with a built-in cookie pocket I think!

    8. Or if a cocktail is your tipple of choice, then these cute mushroom cocktail glasses are practically guaranteed to impress guests.

    9. These reusable beeswax food wraps come in autumnal prints.

    10. Meanwhile, this autumn fragrance oil set contains five scents for less than £10.

    11. And this 'stardust' fragrance oil in a woody and aromatic scent sounds like a wintery dream.

    12. If you have a bar cart or side table with some space, then this neon lip sign might just make you feel like you're out and about when in reality you're glued to the sofa.

    13. This moon shelf would give a home office a little autumnal update.

    14. Or if gold is your colour of choice, then might I suggest this cute yet budget-friendly one?

    15. I can't guarantee you'll spring out of bed once you own this TikTok-famous mirrored alarm clock, but it might just spur you on.

    16. I love this wall hanging for adding texture and interest to a blank space.

    17. If you prefer nights in the bath to nights on the town, then this bargain bath tray will add a touch of luxe to your evenings in.

    18. And to keep your soap, there's this adorable bathtub-shaped holder. It could also be used as a little jewellery holder for while you're in the shower or the actual bath.

    19. This leafy print bath mat comes in a pretty autumnal colour palette.

    20. If you're preparing to hibernate and do a big winter clean, then this set of six wintery-scented Zoflora disinfectants might just give you some motivation.

    21. I adore this pumpkin cushion that can be used to style a neutral home during autumn.

    22. Keep your toes toasty thanks to these fox slipper socks.

    23. If you're a Halloween lover, then this highly-rated doormat might just find its way into your basket.

    24. This sunset shelf will help you to make use of dead wall space.

    25. If you spend most of your waking hours under a blanket, then you might just want to check out this highly-rated mermaid one for your feet and legs.

    26. This lil' fox doorstop is practically crying out to come home with you.

    27. I reckon that this gold-toned planter would look gorgeous on a console or bedside table.

    28. Or this hanging version exists, and it's dreamy.

    29. This subtle yet stylish moon wall hanging would be a cute addition to a bedroom.

    30. I love that this pumpkin mug comes with a lid!

    31. Give your kitchen a lil' autumn update with this set of fox tea towels.

    32. And animal fans will probably also appreciate these adorable fox coasters.

    33. Give your fave faux plant a new home in this lil' moon planter.

    34. If you plan on ditching nights out in favour of cosy evenings in, then this tea for one pot could be a smart investment.

    35. And to hold your teabag or teaspoon, there's this Halloween-themed spoon rest.

    36. I love this cute mushroom mug that'd make a great gift too!

    37. Would you just look at this little cauldron egg cup that comes complete with a mini broom spoon?

    38. And for soup fans, how about this Halloween-themed broth bowl?

    39. This set of six fabric pumpkins would be cute scattered around a home.

    40. And this reasonably-priced blanket hoodie boasts a 4.6-star average rating.

    41. Staying in usually means food and a movie, and this rotating snack box is the perfect night in companion. It even has a slot to hold your phone!

    42. Keep your trinkets organised with this chic yet cheap leaf dish.

    43. And these gold-toned leaf spoons will give tea time a touch of glamour.

    44. If you don't yet own a wax melt burner, then this cute one costs just over a fiver.

    45. These Halloween moulds will give your culinary creations an autumnal twist.

    46. Snuggle up under this teddy fleece duvet cover set for less than £18!

    47. This fun tongue-in-cheek mug says everything I want to TBH.

    48. If you plan to be glued to the sofa all season, then this armrest organiser is essential for keeping your fave items to hand.

    49. Get cosy with this moon lamp that doubles as a decor piece. It changes colour too, FYI!

    50. Enjoy breakfast (or dinner!) in bed thanks to this bamboo tray with folding legs that Amazon customers have awarded a 4.5-star average Amazon rating.

    51. Keep your home smelling of the comforting scent of fresh linen with this pack of fourteen scented sachets that can be used in drawers, wardrobes, cars, and more!

    52. This snail soap dispenser has been rated literally thousands of times, and has a 4.7-star average rating.

    53. Keep these beautifully packaged hand creams on your bedside table to soften weather-beaten hands. They'd make a great budget-friendly present too!