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    61 Of The Best Practical Amazon Products We Saw In 2022

    Starting from as little as £1.99.

    1. This Joseph Joseph 'push and tear' kitchen roll holder makes it easy to pull of a sheet.

    2. And these Joseph Joseph nest colanders are easy to store and practical to use.

    3. I adore my Russell Hobbs SatisFry air fryer that's now back in stock!

    4. This highly-rated pan lid holder and spoon rest is a wise kitchen buy.

    5. And these wall or cupboard-mounted pot lid holders are super handy too!

    6. This anti-fog cloth can be used up to 700 times to prevent surface fogging.

    7. If you have kids, then Amazon customers rate these door finger guards.

    8. You can hang multiple pairs of trousers on one of these space-saving trouser hangers.

    9. This oil-absorbing volcanic face roller is reusable and boasts a 4.2-star average Amazon rating.

    10. If you always have cold feet, then this foot warmer hot water bottle is a must-buy.

    11. Or for on the go, there's these air-activated foot warmers.

    12. This clever gel lint roller contains a squeegee and is reusable!

    13. These folding hairbrushes are ideal for saving space in your handbag.

    14. Clumsy? No problem! This stain-removing pen can be chucked in your bag for spills whilst out and about!

    15. These wheelie bin lock straps will help to keep your rubbish secure when the blustery weather hits!

    16. In beauty buys, this spray-on SPF50 mist can be easily applied over makeup and on the go!

    17. These electric toothbrush travel covers that fit Oral-B toothbrushes are ideal for people who often stay away from home.

    18. Chances are you've heard of the Flash Speedmop starter kit that claims to help trap dirt without you needing to get down on your knees!

    19. This over-door airer gives you seven metres of drying space.

    20. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that this foldable kettle existed! No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

    21. Get the most out of your beauty tubes thanks to this set of two squeezer keys!

    22. These water-absorbing tap mats help to avoid that little flood that often builds up around your sink.

    23. If your bra is ill-fitting, then this set of three bra extenders could be just the thing you need.

    24. This set of two collapsible reusable straws come with a carry case and cleaning brush.

    25. Nab this OXO Good Grips box grater that catches your cheese in a little compartment!

    26. These food spikes can be used on your indoor plants and they feed for up to two months!

    27. This Dr. Beckmann washing machine deep cleaner eliminates bad odours in your appliance.

    28. Forgotten to defrost dinner? This budget-friendly thawing tray claims to thaw frozen food faster than room temperature.

    29. Make light work out of scrubbing your bathroom tiles thanks to this OXO Good Grips extendable scrubber.

    30. Speaking of OXO Good Grips, this super popular bottle drying rack is a space-saving buy.

    31. Make meal prep easier thanks to these clever herb-cutting scissors.

    32. If you're a bookworm, then this nifty pointer book mark will show you the exact word you left it on.

    33. Amazon customers rate this electric candle lighter that can be reused time and again.

    34. This Compeed anti-blister stick has saved many of the shopping team's feet during 2022!

    35. These clever cable savers help to protect wires from frays and knots.

    36. Get into all those awkward small spaces with this OXO Good Grips deep-clean brush set.

    37. At less than £4, this contact lenses carry case is a total steal.

    38. These folding space-saving coat hangers are ideal for taking on holiday!

    39. This clever ice cube tray makes sticks that fit into your water bottle.

    40. I love that this Joseph Joseph split bathroom bin helps you separate rubbish and recycling.

    41. And this budget-friendly two-compartment laundry bin also looks super handy!

    42. You probably saw veg choppers like this clever one going viral this year, and for good reason.

    43. And this OXO Good Grips garlic press boasts a huge 4.7-star average Amazon rating thanks to its large capacity chamber and built-in cleaner that pushes out peels.

    44. Get rid of condensation thanks to this reusable car and home dehumidifier bag.

    45. I love that this clever hot water bottle has been specially designed for your neck and shoulders.

    46. Speaking of staying snuggly, this practical wearable blanket has sleeves!

    47. This two-pack of satin pillowcases claims to create less friction with your hair as you sleep.

    48. Meanwhile, in clever cleaning buys, this loo brush dispenses cleaning liquid as you go!

    49. This O'Keeffe's lip repair unscented lip balm is ideal for extremely dry pouts.

    50. Upgrade your beauty routine thanks to this silicone shower scrubber that exfoliates, helps to create a lather, and is easy to clean.

    51. One of my fave cleaning buys of 2022 is this viral Scrub Daddy damp duster that clings onto dust thanks to its built-in grooves.

    52. These fuzzy ball towels are practical and pretty.

    53. This value pack of Command picture-hanging strips makes DIY a doddle.

    54. Organise your razor and toothbrushes thanks to this four-pack of holders.

    55. Speaking of bathroom buys, this four-pack of 10,000-bristle toothbrushes are ideal for people with sensitive gums.

    56. This magnetic knife holder makes organising your kitchen super easy.

    57. This rather impressive OXO Good Grips angled measuring jug lets you read measurements from above!

    58. This clever laundry eco egg will probably be a welcome addition to your laundry routine!

    59. Speaking of eggs, but this time of the edible variety, these egg-poaching cups are here to make breakfast time easier.

    60. Make breakfast time easier thanks to these rather adorable toast tongs!

    61. Finally, this Joseph Joseph washing-up bowl even has a draining plug so you don't need to tip it over to release the water!