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    Save Yourself From Semi-Embarrassing Autumn Problems With These 26 Useful Products

    No more chasing the rubbish down the street for me thank you.

    1. As the wind picks up, this wheelie bin strap will help to keep the lid and contents secure!

    2. If you nearly fall over every time you try to take stiff boots off, then this shoe remover will come to the rescue.

    3. For extremely dry and cracked lips, there's this unscented lip balm with long-lasting hydration.

    4. And if your eyes get dry and irritated in the winter, then this double-action rehydrating and protecting spray is here to help.

    5. Prone to dry and rough hands as the weather changes? This CeraVe reparative hand cream contains three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help alleviate dryness and restore the skin's barrier.

    6. If you can never quite manage to wash your knitwear properly, then this Ecover wool and silk laundry liquid delicately gets stains out of your fave autumn clothes.

    7. This reusable car and home dehumidifier absorbs condensation and damp to help keep your windows clear.

    8. If the blustery weather does you dirty, then this dome umbrella claims to be sturdy and windproof.

    9. And to help keep your 'do in place, there's this 'volume lift' hairspray that claims to give a long-lasting hold even on those humid autumnal days.

    10. If you don't want the weather to wreak havoc with your fave shoes, then this 'rain and stain' protect spray helps to repel liquids!

    11. And to clean them with, there's this two-piece shoe brush set.

    12. Fed up of your drying laundry getting caught in the rain? This retractable washing line can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be discreetly retracted when not in use.

    13. If you feel a sniffle coming, then this 'first defence' spray claims to help stop a cold in its tracks.

    14. Or if you've already got a blocked nose, then this nasal spray claims to reduce swelling and expand the nasal passages to give congestion relief.

    15. This non-slip door mat claims to be able to be used on wet indoor or outdoor areas.

    16. If you're that person whose hands are always super cold, then these reusable hand warmers help to keep your mitts toasty for up to an hour. They look like little hot water bottles too!

    17. This mould and mildew remover spray claims to remove stains without the need for scrubbing, and it costs less than ONE POUND!

    18. If your shoes end up soaking wet, then this highly-rated shoe and boot dryer claims to help prevent bacteria build-up and uses a medium heat over a longer period to avoid damage to the material and a bad smell.

    19. And if your feet are always extra cold, then how about this electric foot warmer?

    20. If you wear glasses, then did you know that this anti-fog treatment exists to prevent them from steaming up?

    21. This fabric and sweater comb is ideal for removing lint and fluff from old knits.

    22. If your new boots look great but your feet suffer every time you wear them, then these heel grips can be stuck inside your shoe to protect your heels against impact.

    23. Be prepared for sniffle season with these pocket tissues.

    24. If your slow cooker is hard to clean, save yourself from mess with these handy liners. They claim to seal in flavour and prevent a baked-on mess.

    25. If your bathtub gets a lot more mileage during autumn, then this OXO Good Grips extendable tile and tub scrubber will help you make sure it looks super clean.

    26. Stop your carpets from ending up a muddy mess thanks to this dog paw cleaner. It also comes with a poop bag dispenser!