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    10 Animal Facts That'll Probably Make You Go "Awww", And 9 That Might Just Make You Throw Up In Your Mouth

    The "world's most murderous mammal" was NOT what I thought it would be.

    1. As a doggy lover, I think it's incredible that our furry BFFs can sniff out some medical problems, including the scent of someone having an epileptic seizure.

    2. But my heart hurt a little to find out that albatrosses cannot recognise their little ones unless they're in the nest. If a chick falls or gets knocked out, it must climb back in by itself or risk freezing to death!

    3. If, like me, you wouldn't be without your bestie, then you'll probably love the fact that studies have shown cows also have BFFs.

    4. But I can't lie, I was seriously disturbed to find out that some lizards can squirt blood from their eyes.

    5. I love the fact that bees 'dance' to communicate with each other. Who knew they had moves?

    6. However, I was not ready to hear something I can never un-hear. Meerkats (yes, meerkats) are nicknamed the 'most murderous mammal' because killings among the animals are so common.

    7. As a savoury girl through and through, I was very interested to find out that cats also sit on my side of the salt vs. sugar debate. Turns out, felines can't actually taste sugar... Who knew?!

    8. But if I also have to know this, then so do you – female ferrets can die if they go into heat and don't mate!

    9. If there's one thing that'll probably make you smile today, it's learning that chimps are ticklish.

    10. However, are you ready to find out that horses can't vomit? They have a valve in their stomach that stops food from returning to the mouth.

    11. You might not expect it from their fierce reputation, but I loved finding out that it isn't just humans who sometimes choose to stay with one partner, wolves mate for life too!

    12. On the flip side, when you think of storks, I'm guessing the first thing that springs to mind is delivering babies? Well, one thing I can almost guarantee you didn't think of is that they poop on their own legs to cool themselves down. You're welcome.

    13. I was today years old when I found out that penguins find the best pebble they can to give to their partner as a gift. BRB, sobbing.

    14. In the meantime, I also discovered that hedgehogs foam at the mouth to cover themselves in a new scent in a process known as self-anointing... How lovely.

    15. I'm sorry, but it's impossible to have heard anything cuter today than the fact sea otters hold hands while they sleep to stop themselves from floating away.

    16. But I'm trying to forget that kitties like to eat earwax thanks to the protein it contains!

    17. I love that my fave animal, the giraffe, can stand up a mere half an hour after being born – alright, clever clogs!

    18. However, I wish I never found out that llamas can spit up to ten feet away, so beware!

    19. Finally, I was pretty pleased to hear that that female lions are the pride's main hunters!

    Did you know any of these facts already? Let me know in the comments which other fascinating, funny, cute, or downright gross animal facts you still can't get over! 🤯