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    If You’re The Kinda Person Who Refuses To Checkout If There’s A Delivery Charge, Here’s 44 'Treat Yourself' Buys Under A Fiver That Are Available With Free Shipping

    £1.99 delivery? Absolutely NOT.

    Just an FYI, some of the next day deliveries here are exclusive to Amazon Prime members, which you can sign up for here.

    1. This caffeine and hyaluronic acid solution helps to improve the appearance of puffy under eyes and it boasts a 4.3-star average rating.

    2. These cute little dressing pots are ideal for taking to work or keeping sauces in the fridge!

    3. Up your storage game with this foldable basket.

    4. And speaking of being organised, this stick-on phone pocket allows you to keep your most-reached for items in one handy place!

    5. These Real Techniques makeup sponges come with a handy travel cap for taking out and about!

    6. This vegan Lindt hazelnut chocolate has a whole lotta high ratings!

    7. Or if you're a peanut butter fan, then these bougie peanut butter eggs sound like an absolute dream.

    8. I can't believe that this heart chopping board costs less than a fiver!

    9. This heat-resistant silicone mat can be used to store your hair tools, plus it also folds into a travel case. The best bit? It costs less than £4!

    10. If you have a little one, then how sweet are these woodland bamboo baby spoons?

    11. This 'feel good' scented aromatherapy rollerball combines the scents of bergamot, lime, and ylang-ylang.

    12. Just imagine your cuppa on one of these gorge starry sky coasters!

    13. These scissor-style salad tongs look so handy!

    14. If your furry friend is your BFF, then this totally gorge paw print necklace is a must-have!

    15. I reckon that this hair scrunchie that has a little zipped compartment would be perfect for wearing jogging or to the gym.

    16. If you're an exercise lover, then these cooling gym towels claim to absorb heat and sweat, giving a cooling effect.

    17. This TikTok-famous cloud key holder would be an adorable addition to your hallway.

    18. If you're going away soon, you can decant your skincare into these lil' cosmetic pots to save on space.

    19. I can't believe that this multi-compartment desk tidy is less than a fiver!

    20. Amazon customers have awarded this super cheap hand cream gift set a 4.5-star average rating! It contains three hand lotions in almond, ocean, and cherry blossom scents.

    21. Snack lovers, this bougie gourmet popcorn selection sounds like a dream.

    22. You get three of these vanilla sugar bath bombs for just £1.99!

    23. Glam your essentials up with this copper kitchen roll holder.

    24. And this wave trivet is a total steal and should be snapped up immediately IMO!

    25. I can't get over the fact that this candle is honey and chocolate scented!

    26. This mini fox planter is a total steal at less than a fiver.

    27. And as a leopard-print fan, I love this stylish one too.

    28. This lil' veggie scrubbing brush is practically crying out for a space in your kitchen drawer.

    29. And to keep your kitchen looking *fancy*, there's these gold-toned spoons.

    30. If treating yourself is a practical affair these days, then these lil' bowl scrapers will help to make cleaning round dishes way easier.

    31. If you like to start your day with an inspirational quote, then this 'you got this' card set is right up your street.

    32. Give your nails some love with this 'nail nurse' strengthening base coat.

    33. This toffee apple flavoured alcohol-free cider sounds like a tasty treat for spring evenings.

    34. Or there's this alcohol-free sparkling rosé wine for a fancy garden drink.

    35. Upgrade your WFH space by nabbing this acrylic wall organiser that could be used to hold a book or magazines!

    36. This watermelon scented face mask is a hydration-boosting skincare buy you probably won't want to be without.

    37. And for your lips, there's this clever aloe vera balm that changes colour depending on your temperature.

    38. If you're a bride-to-be, you might just want to add these spa-like slippers to your basket!

    39. If you love avocados, then this avo storage box is a wise way to spend £3.99.

    40. And if your banana getting squished in your bag is the stuff of your lunch break nightmares, then this reusable keeper is here to save the day!

    41. You can tidy your beauty stash with this waterproof makeup bag.

    42. This dinky heart photo frame would make a cute gift when it's filled with someone's fave photo!

    43. If you love the satisfaction of giving things a little tidy, then this earphone cleaning kit is a must-have.

    44. Finally, you can pretty much be that girl with this Barry M moisturising lip oil that comes in a summery coconut flavour.