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    Finding Out I Lived Most Of My Life Without Knowing About These 27 Amazon Products Was A Truly Humbling Experience

    Like why did no-one think to give me the heads up?

    1. How genius do these clever 'superbrushes' look? They're angled at 45° towards the gum line and claim to clean all sides of your teeth at the same time!

    2. If you find getting into tins tricky, then this ring-pull opener will tackle the hard work for you.

    3. Clear-drying false tans have been around for a while now, but I've just joined the party thanks to this budget-friendly St. Moriz one.

    4. These penguin scraper tools have a multitude of uses, and they're pretty cute too.

    5. I can't get over how useful this glass washer is. It has three brushes and claims to be useful for getting rid of pesky lipstick marks!

    6. Make removing microwaveable meals easier thanks to this tray with handles. It claims to stay cool enough to carry while also minimising spillages.

    7. PSA: If you often get aches, then this neck and shoulder hot water bottle exists!

    8. This TikTok-famous hair removal crystal has me mesmerised!

    9. When I first saw this affordable hooded travel pillow I couldn't believe my eyes.

    10. This Burt's Bees cuticle cream is ideal for people who get dry hands or those who suffer from pesky hangnails.

    11. Amazon customers have awarded this four-in-one chopping board a 4.5-star average rating, and it's not hard to see why. This handy piece of kitchenware can be used for thawing, grinding, honing, and chopping.

    12. If you're tight on bedroom space, then this clip-on drinks holder will probably come in handier than you realise!

    13. Speaking of drinks holders, this useful one is ideal for car passengers.

    14. If you always lose your sunnies on roadtrips, then these car glasses holders will still give you change from a fiver.

    15. This Lemsip First Action nasal spray claims to trap cold viruses, helping to stop a sniffle early!

    16. If you've got very little kitchen storage space, then this magnetic fridge shelf is a must-buy.

    17. I remember finding out that these foot warmers existed, and my cold toes were happy once again.

    18. I was amazed when I saw that this mould-cleaning gel has a lil' brush to get into corners, edges, sealant, and grout!

    19. If you love the slicked-back 'clean girl' aesthetic hair look, then these bargain edge-stylers should probably go in your basket, just saying.

    20. I love the sound of this popular jelly-textured blush for giving a glowy finish to the skin.

    21. This multipurpose kitchen gadget can be used to brush up crumbs, squeegee away wet spills, wipe away food from plates, or scrape off stuck-on residue from bakeware!

    22. These handbag-sized makeup brushes are ideal for on the go touch-ups.

    23. Amazon customers rate the Dr. Beckmann re-usable colour-collecting cloth that claims to protect laundry from colour running!

    24. Struggle to do up necklaces or bracelets on your own? These magnetic jewellery clasps are here to help!

    25. I'm putting this bamboo salt and pepper pot with mini spoons straight in my basket, BRB.

    26. These clever little magnetic pen holders are ideal for on your fridge, in a home office, or wherever really!

    27. And this microwave shelving unit would save tons of room in a teeny kitchen.