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    Don't Miss Out On These 95 Discounted Problem-Solving Products In Amazon's Prime Day Sale That Ends Tonight

    Featuring seriously useful products you'll actually use.

    Amazon’s Prime Day Sale is here! During 11th-12th October, Prime members will have exclusive early access to some amazing deals, and we’ll be rounding up all the very best ones! Here' some of our favourite bargains:

    1. For the people whose feet are always cold, this foot warmer is down by 22%. It can also be used on your back!

    2. This windproof travel umbrella is an Amazon bestseller and it now has 38% off.

    3. Separate your bathroom rubbish from your recycling with ease thanks to this Joseph Joseph split-waste bin. It's now got 36% off.

    4. This rechargeable electric hot water bottle is now down by 20%. It claims to keep warm for up to six hours!

    5. If you fancy getting organised, then there's 22% off this pack of 12 drawer dividers.

    6. Speaking of getting your stuff neat, there's a whopping 42% off these space-saving hangers.

    7. These satin pillowcases claim to create less friction with your hair whilst you sleep. You'll probably sleep soundly when you remember you nabbed them for 43% off too.

    8. Speaking of beds, there's 16% off this 15-tog double duvet.

    9. Get 27% off this OXO Good Grips silicone large ice cube tray. It also comes with a lid to stop any spills!

    10. And get 33% off this OXO Good Grips silicone drain protector.

    11. This clever motion-sensor Morphy Richards bin opens automatically as you get close, and then shuts after five seconds of inactivity for hygienic waste disposal. It's down 34%.

    12. These Le Creuset oven gloves have four layers for maximum protection. They're 21% off RN.

    13. Give your loo a little refresh thanks to these Duck Fresh Disc toilet cleaners that have a 39% discount.

    14. Keep your laundry clean with this XXL pack of Fairy non-bio capsules that have 24% off.

    15. These highly-rated toilet sprays have 28% off ATM.

    16. Nab yourself this bumper pack of Zoflora disinfectants while they're on sale with 28% off (they smell lush!).

    17. If your dishwasher needs a little TLC, then these Finish dishwasher deep cleaners have 59% off.

    18. These OXO Good Grips kitchen and herb scissors claim to slice through meat, veg, cardboard, and more! They've got a 4.8-star average Amazon rating and a 31% discount.

    19. And you can save 43% on this OXO Good Grips garlic press that claims to have a large-capacity chamber to fit multiple cloves.

    20. This OXO Good Grips laptop cleaner has 30% off.

    21. Take 50% off this Tower pressure cooker with a steamer basket. It takes the hassle out of cooking thanks to its plethora of uses including steaming, braising, stewing, and roasting!

    22. This clever OXO Good Grips angled measuring jug allows you to read measurements from above! You can take 36% off today.

    23. And their salad spinner has a whopping 45% off.

    24. If your pans have seen better days, then you can nab this five-piece Tower pan set while it has 44% off.

    25. There's also this Morphy Richards induction set that has 41% off.

    26. This filter coffee maker doesn't require any paper filters, giving you taste without waste. It's on offer with 38% off.

    27. If you don't have any more cupboard space, then this Cole & Mason spice rack could be stored on a countertop. It rotates and comes with filled spice jars. It's down by a massive 61%.

    28. This spreading knife claims to easily spread butter and condiments on soft bread without damaging it. It's got 25% off.

    29. Get a whopping 60% off these Finish dishwasher tablets RN!

    30. You can also disinfect your home with ease thanks to this Zoflora spray that can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. Grab it while it has a 32% discount!

    31. You might just want to add this OXO Good Grips vegetable chopper that has an easy-pour opening to your basket. Why? It could currently be yours with 33% off.

    32. Speaking of OXO Good Grips, this peeler boasts a 4.8-star average rating and a 33% discount.

    33. This three-piece chopping board set from Joseph Joseph has an impressive 46% off.

    34. Joseph Joseph fans, there's also 37% off this six-piece carousel utensil set.

    35. If you wish you could create a salon-worthy 'do from home, then this Revlon one-step hairdryer brush is here to help. It currently has a generous 41% off.

    36. And for anyone lusting after sleek and smooth locks, you can get 20% off these GHD hair straighteners too.

    37. The super useful Flash Power Mop starter kit is on sale with a 42% discount.

    38. If you've got stubborn stains to remove from fabrics, then you might just want to snap up this Vanish Oxi Action spray while it's on sale with 48% off.

    39. The Joseph Joseph extendable steel dish rack is on sale with a 35% discount.

    40. There's 58% off these Dettol Antibacterial wipes if you need to update your cleaning stash.

    41. Speaking of stocking up on the essentials, this pack of eight XXL kitchen rolls is discounted by 24%.

    42. There's a pretty decent 30% off this OXO Good Grips soap dispensing dish brush.

    43. Organise your laundry easily thanks to the Joseph Joseph 90-litre separation basket that has 33% off.

    44. Get 25% off this car dehumidifier bag RN.'s reusable too!

    45. Snap up the OXO Good Grips extendable tile cleaner while it has a 27% discount.

    46. And there's 43% off the OXO Good Grips soft-handled tin opener that Amazon customers rate.

    47. If your toilet is in need of some TLC, then this Joseph Joseph Flex Smart loo brush could now be yours with 38% off.

    48. Save yourself 34% when you order this OXO Good Grips handheld mandoline slicer.

    49. You can keep your sink area tidy thanks to this Joseph Joseph caddy that has a 33% discount.

    50. To make mealtimes easier, there's 35% off the nine-in-one Instant Pot. It can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and more!

    51. Wish you had longer lashes? This popular eyelash growth serum is now on sale with 32% off.

    52. And if your complexion could do with moisturising and brightening, then this Dr Organic guava facial serum has 46% off and I love it!

    53. And if your skin needs nourishing, then this Dr Organic aloe vera cream soothes and calms. It also has 42% off RN.

    54. If you have a pet, then might I suggest this Vax Dual Power Pet Advance carpet cleaner that now has a 41% discount?

    55. There's also 30% off the Tower cordless three-in-one vacuum cleaner.

    56. If you forever wish you could create Barista-style coffee at home, then you'll be pleased to know that this Dulce Gusto coffee machine has a huge 60% off!

    57. Not got much cupboard space? This Joseph Joseph nest lock container set has a 48% discount and a 4.8-star average Amazon rating.

    58. Speaking of space-saving buys, this Joseph Joseph folding ironing board is on sale with 28% off.

    59. Get 39% off when you snap up this Joseph Joseph nesting kitchen set that contains a whopping nine pieces!

    60. If, like me, you wish you could make great iced coffee all year round, then might I suggest grabbing the Breville iced coffee maker while it has 44% off?

    61. If your little one wakes in the night, then this Tommee Tippee portable penguin night light now comes with a 43% discount.

    62. Amazon customers have awarded this Graco car seat a 4.8-star average rating and it now has 40% off.

    63. This Oral-B Smart toothbrush has a clever pressure sensor so you'll know whether you're brushing your teeth well. It's currently down by a huge 70%!

    64. If you have a little one or you're expecting, you can snap up this Tommee Tippee healthcare kit while it has 61% off.

    65. There's also 55% off this children's bath mat that claims to be non-slip as well as being easy to remove and reposition when required.

    66. PSA: This Google Nest video doorbell has a 31% saving RN.