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    Grab These Problem-Solving Products From Amazon's Prime Day Sale Before It Ends Tonight

    Okay but these are seriously handy.

    Amazon's massive Prime Day event – where Prime members can enjoy huge discounts on tons of products – is here! We've looked through LOADS of their bargains for you and found some of the best deals. But hurry – this sale only runs on 12th and 13th July!

    FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day.We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout the event to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. Save 56% on these drain sticks that will prevent any blockages from grease and food.

    2. For your cluttered cupboards, there's this Joseph Joseph expandable tiered organiser that comes with 33% off.

    3. This magnetic door screen has been designed to keep pests out of your home while letting air in. It has a 48% discount!

    4. There's 34% off these fridge trays that are ideal for keeping things looking neat.

    5. There's 42% off this picnic blanket that has a waterproof backing to stop you from getting damp!

    6. If you're tight on storage space, there's 37% off these large vacuum storage bags.

    7. If you find preparing salads a hassle, then this Joseph Joseph multi-prep kit is here to help. It can be used to spin, slice, grate, and spiralise food. It also has a huge 46% off FYI.

    8. There's 40% off this storage unit, meaning you can tidy clutter on a budget.

    9. The super popular Seche Vite top coat now has a huge 49% off. It claims to be crack resistant and fast-drying, making it ideal if you get the rage when your mani chips straight after painting!

    10. If you wish you could shave without water, then this handy electric razor now has 57% off.

    11. There's 48% off this rather useful Brabantia clothing line that attaches to your wall if you don't have a large garden.

    12. This Joseph Joseph knife sharpener is so handy that it folds away after use. It has 40% off ATM too.

    13. And if your cutlery drawer is a total mess, then this Joseph Joseph drawer storage has a 38% discount.

    14. If you're tired of breakouts, then the TikTok-famous Dots for Spots pimple patches now have a 36% discount, FYI.

    15. There's 35% off this folding mirror that has built-in LEDs and magnifying sides for ease of use.

    16. If you don't have much cupboard space, then this jug and measuring spoon set nests, and it has 32% off.

    17. If you loathe ironing, then this Philips handheld steamer now has 34% off. It can be folded for travelling too!

    18. There's 27% off this handy air fryer if you never know what to cook for dinner.

    19. If your cuticles are overgrown, then the Sally Hansen remover claims to get rid of them in mere seconds! It has 58% off right now.

    20. And if you can't sleep well in this heat, then you can nab 20% off this two-pack of cooling pillow cases.

    21. Fed up of never knowing where to store ice? This ice cube tray and storage box combo now has 43% off.

    22. If your kitchenware is in need of a little update, then this knife set includes a sharpener, scissors, and a potato peeler. It also has 20% off.

    23. And if your steak knives have seen better days, then this set of eight come with a 55% discount.

    24. If this heatwave has you searching for a new fan, then this highly-rated one has a 31% discount.

    25. And if you need something suitable for your desk, then how about this useful fan that has 34% off?

    26. These Sistema leakproof water bottles have 51% off and come as a set of four, so they're ideal if you always forget that your bottle needs to be washed up while you're rushing out the door!

    27. If your home is in need of a little TLC, then this Flash dusting kit includes one handle and a whopping 14 refills with a 24% saving.

    28. And now you can stock up on the essentials without carting a huge bag back from the shops by nabbing this Outdoorables fabric conditioner set that has 34% off.

    29. There's 34% off this rubber broom and dustpan set that claims to be twice as efficient as a traditional bristle one.

    30. And there's also 33% off this flat mop that comes with two heads.

    31. If you want to make eight cups of coffee at once, then this cafetiere now has a huge 77% off.

    32. Dishwasher out of capsules? No problem! These Fairy Original ones are now available with 31% off.

    33. If your home needs a little refresh, then this Glade spray air freshener now comes with three refills and 33% off.

    34. If you want damage-free hanging with easy installation, then these Command picture hanging strips now have 41% off.

    35. This Blink video doorbell now comes with a generous 30% off.

    36. Need some shade in the heatwave? This handy garden and beach parasol now has 28% off.

    37. If you hate vacuuming, then this robot vacuum will do the hard work for you, and it now has 34% off.

    38. If you can never find your kitchen utensils, then this Morphy Richards set comes with a wire stand for easy storing! It can take pride of place in your kitchen with 33% off too.

    39. This hair-removing roller is ideal for pet owners and it has a little chamber to collect debris. It also now has a 30% discount.

    40. Make it easy to remember which chopping board you used for which task with these labelled Joseph Joseph ones. They're now on offer with 40% off.

    41. If your nails are soft and fragile, then this Sally Hansen strengthener has a whopping 52% off.

    42. This Anker portable power bank is discounted by 33%, so you can charge your phone on the go.

    43. Make a saving of 27% on Revlon's oil absorbing facial roller.

    44. This over-the-door clothes airer is ideal for smaller spaces, and is currently reduced by 30%.

    45. Okay, but how genius is this OXO grater with its detachable catch-all box? Plus, it's 25% off!

    46. If you're travelling soon, check out this luggage scale that has a 20% saving for a hassle-free trip.

    47. Painting your fence can be so simple with this sprayer that's reduced by 51%.

    48. Add this nifty OXO jug that separates fat from your gravy to your basket for 16% off its original price.

    49. Protect your surfaces from hot dishes with these foldable silicone trivets that are discounted by 33%.

    50. Remove stickers, adhesive marks, or any residue with these glass and ceramic scrapers that are 30% off.

    51. If you're short on storage space, these Joseph Joseph containers have a space-saving nesting design and will save you 48%!.

    52. This 32% off elevated carousel knife set will save space on your countertop, and the weighted handles act as a knife rest so the blades won't scratch your surface.

    53. PSA to all the blondes: this Aussie purple set will tone any brassiness, and it's currently 40% off.

    54. Restore any discoloured grout with this nifty pen that will save you 31%.

    55. If you prefer to work from your tablet, this keyboard case is 30% less and is ideal for making notes.

    56. If you're worried about leaving your furry friend on their own, you can keep an eye on them with this Petcube camera and treat dispenser that is discounted by 20%.

    57. These kitchen scissors are reduced by 30%, are a good long term investment in terms of durability, and can even be used to strip herbs.

    58. Check out this laundry egg that lasts for up to 70 washes before it needs refilling. It's on sale for 55% off, and you can save further money from not buying any detergent.

    59. If you live in a hard water area these pumice cleaning blocks at a 55% reduction will get rid of any residue in your toilet bowl.

    60. Tired of tripping over the edges of your rug? Me too, so I'm investing in these non-slip rug grippers that are currently 20% off.

    61. You can save 20% on this splatter guard to stop hot oils from hitting your skin.

    62. These reusable nail clips are currently reduced by 35% and will soak your gel polish off without any hassle.

    63. This stainless steel soap bar will get rid of cooking odours on your hands, and it's discounted by 20%.

    64. Check out this 2-in-1 digital scale that's 20% off. The lid can be used as a platform scale, or reversed to be used as a bowl scale.

    65. Collect your garden waste onto this sheet that has handles to easily transport to the bin. Plus, it has a 38% discount, RN.

    66. Secure your outdoor furniture covers with these bungee ties that are on sale for 20% off.

    67. Restore your car's leather seats with 49% off this cleaner.

    68. And lift any dirt or grime on the outside of your car with this microfibre wash mitt that's reduced by 30%.

    69. If you work from home add some extra comfort with this ergonomic foot rest that has a 50% reduced price tag.

    70. And why not add this wrist rest to your basket while it's got a huge 73% saving?

    71. Protect your identity with this ink roller that covers confidential information, and you can get it for 35% off.

    72. This foldable organiser has a 21% saving, and lots of compartments to help you declutter the boot of your car.

    73. I predict you'll love the 20% saving on this suction-cup bath pillow.

    74. TikTok has been loving