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    41 Amazon Items So Handy That Your Friends Will Probably Want To Snap Them Up Straight After You Do

    One for you and one for them!

    1. These plant food spikes are super handy for wannabe plant parents!

    2. Meanwhile, this useful silicone toilet brush is curved to fit under the rim of your loo.

    3. And this Joseph Joseph knife and fork cleaner scrubs both sides of your cutlery at once!

    4. If you're anything like me, you're probably already a fan of the Dr. Beckmann carpet stain remover. Well, did you know there's also this upholstery version with a built-in brush head?

    5. I can't believe that this telescopic tile cleaner allows you to scrub your bathroom with minimum effort.

    6. If you're in the market for a new primer, then this highly-rated prep and hydrate balm comes in a handy stick formula.

    7. I've seen this 'glued for brows and edges' styler all over social media – it's a strong hold gel that can be used as easily on 'baby hairs' as it can on eyebrows.

    8. If you constantly spill nail polish, then this hand rest and bottle holder is a wise investment.

    9. And this tooth-whitening pen contains natural coconut oil and has a whole host of high ratings!

    10. If you have cracked heels, you can wear these heel protectors with foot cream on underneath to keep them moisturised!

    11. This handy boot and trainer scraper cleans your shoes while you're wearing them!

    12. If getting out of bed to reach the remote or your fave read is a major inconvenience, then might I suggest you invest in this bedside hanging storage basket?

    13. This lil' folding airer rack that can be hung on your radiator is ideal for drying smaller items.

    14. These handy heatless patches contain menthol and eucalyptus oil to help relieve cramping during your period. They last up to 12 hours and can be placed on the lower abdomen or back!

    15. People who love baking will probably appreciate these reusable silicone cupcake cases. They have a non-stick finish and can be wiped clean.

    16. I won't lie, this tongue cleaning brush that tackles bad breath by removing bacteria looks super satisfying to use!

    17. And this ergonomic curved nail file allows you to follow the natural curve of your nails for easy filing.

    18. This anti-tarnish lacquer protects silver, copper, and brass. It can be used around the home and outdoors!

    19. I couldn't believe it when I noticed that this toilet roll holder comes with a lil' built-in shelf and costs less than a fiver!

    20. And speaking of bathroom buys, this suction soap holder allows water to drain so your soap actually dries.

    21. If your pet hates bath time, then this useful brush that gives them a lil' massage and dispenses their shampoo is genius!

    22. If you live alone, you can scratch that awkward itch with this handy extendable back scratcher!

    23. These 'mini dots' shoe pads can be slipped inside your footwear to discreetly prevent blisters and rubbing.

    24. People love this clip-on microphone that can be used with your mobile. It's ideal if you want to make TikTok vids!

    25. Keep your wardrobe fresh and free of mildew with this set of three scented hanging dehumidifiers.

    26. If you have a fish tank and loathe cleaning day, then this magnetic glass brush can be used to clean the inside of your aquarium with minimum fuss.

    27. Maximise storage space by nabbing these under-sink storage shelves.

    28. I need these silicone lip exfoliating tools in my life, and since you get four in a pack, you could split them with your BFF!

    29. I can't believe how handy this rotating sink attachment is! It claims to help save water by using a spray instead of a full stream.

    30. This cuticle oil treatment pen comes in a strawberry scent and it nourishes cuticles and nails!

    31. This highly-rated shower caddy is a total steal at less than £7.

    32. I never knew that a hangnail trimmer existed, but this handy one also acts as a cuticle nipper too!

    33. Keep the insides of hard-to-clean bottles and cups spick and span with this set of specially-designed bottle brushes.

    34. It's super annoying when you can't see everything in your makeup bag, so this set of two transparent ones are so handy. They'd also be great for the airport if you're off on hols!

    35. If you always have tons of stuff on your stairs waiting to be taken up, then this purpose-built staircase basket is genius!

    36. Keep this mini lint roller in your bag for emergency touchups while on the go!

    37. Paint this peel-off base coat under your mani and you'll be able to pull your varnish off once it's time for a refresh – how satisfying?

    38. If you hate getting a shock from your clothes, then this anti-static spray reduces electricity on your fave 'fits.

    39. This snack organiser will help you achieve the storage aesthetic of your TikTok dreams.

    40. If, like me, you're always unsure if your fridge and freezer are the right temperature, then this handy thermometer is here to help!

    41. This useful hair mask comes with a reusable cap so that you can let it soak in. It contains Pro-V blends, antioxidants, and lipids to help condition damaged locks!