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    44 Practical Gifts For Mother's Day That Your Mum Can Actually Use

    Practical and pretty? I'll take one of each!

    1. This set of four candles come in peony, cedar, bamboo, and linen scents!

    2. Give your mum a license to pamper by nabbing these gorgeous sweet pea and honeysuckle bathing flowers.

    3. And to make bath time feel ultra special, there's this bamboo bath tray that costs less than a tenner!

    4. Speaking of beauty buys, this tin of L'occitane hand creams is a budget-friendly yet luxe gifting option.

    5. These 'sprout pencils' have a small seed capsule that can be planted after use to grow a herb, flower, or vegetable!

    6. These elegant-looking satin PJs are almost too chic for mum to confine to the house!

    7. And for extra cosiness, there's this personalised dressing gown that you can add your mum's initials to.

    8. This handy yet stylish card holder is practically a fail-safe present for the mother figure in your life.

    9. This super pretty Nails Inc 'thirsty hands' hydrating hand mask is perfect for a budget-friendly pamper.

    10. And the matching foot mask would be ideal in a lil' hamper of beauty treats.

    11. If you're on a budget, then this adjustable cookbook stand is less than £5!

    12. If your mum loves to write, then this smart notebook is reusable and comes with an erasable pen. Each page can be erased a whopping 500 times – clever huh?

    13. This pretty sunshine planter will add a pop of spring colour to your mum's home for less than £8!

    14. These 'tea on a stick' gourmet crystallised tea blends are a unique gift for any mum who can't function without a cuppa.

    15. Or if you're on a budget, then there's this post box that contains English breakfast teabags!

    16. This sofa arm tray is ideal for giving her a night in front of the telly.

    17. If your mum loves to be organised, then this chic jewellery box has a whopping 4.8-star average rating.

    18. This red wine and Swiss truffles set will have mum's Saturday night sorted!

    19. And if she regularly has her friends over, then this chic carafe looks like it set you back more than its £13.99 price tag!

    20. These reusable silicone coffee cups collapse down to a super compact size, making them ideal for busy mums!

    21. If your ma's the CEO of losing her glasses, then this personalised case could be just the thing to help!

    22. This herb planter set is ideal for mums who love having something to do!

    23. Show your appreciation every time mum has a cuppa with this pretty boho mug.

    24. This cashmere-blend personalised scarf would be a gorge addition to your mama's wardrobe.

    25. Or if your mum prefers jewellery, then you can personalise this heart necklace with multiple names!

    26. Give mum's home office a lil' glow up by grabbing this budget-friendly desk organiser and phone holder!

    27. Grab this 'ultimate afternoon tea selection' and join your mum for a cuppa!

    28. If your mum works from home or lives alone, then this teapot for one is ideal for break time!

    29. You can personalise this useful notebook with your mum's fave photo.

    30. These vegan champagne truffles sound way bougier than their price tag!

    31. This Jo Malone Lip Care in the scent of English mint and ginger would make a totally beautiful yet useful present!

    32. Fill this personalised keyring with a pic of your mama's fave memory!

    33. If heading home for your mum's cooking is the highlight of your week, then why not treat her to this personalised bamboo chopping board?

    34. If your mum loves to read, then this bookmark reading light is a 2-in-1 gift she'll probably get loads of use out of!

    35. This rather impressive bamboo cheese board costs less than £17 and I'm shook – it even comes with four knives!

    36. This handy foot spa has massage rollers and it collapses saving serious storage space.

    37. Let mum kick back and soak with a glass of her fave tipple thanks to this silicone wine glass holder.

    38. This fancy-looking glass vase is ideal for any mum who loves receiving flowers.

    39. If your mum adores nothing more than chilling on the sofa, then this oversized blanket with a hood is practically calling out her name!

    40. If you've never seen your mum mange to finish a cuppa, then she'll probably be grateful for this handy mug warmer. It'll maintain her drink's heat level for hours!

    41. This super pretty glass water bottle comes with a neoprene sleeve, making it practical and pretty!

    42. This manicure hand rest and nail polish holder would be a super useful addition to your mum's beauty routine!

    43. These adorable heart-shaped teaspoons are a must for any homeware-loving mum.

    44. Give her the gift of a lush smelling home by nabbing this bougie-looking diffuser that comes with one refill in the relaxing scent of lavender and sandalwood.