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    15 Reasons Scully From "The X-Files" Should Be Your Fave

    "I'm a medical doctor!"

    1. She found all of Mulder's theories tiring, and it was hilarious.

    2. She was the queen of eye rolls.

    3. She made everybody swoon.

    4. She had Mulder completely under her spell.

    5. She had the best lines.

    6. She took shit from no man.

    7. Sometimes she left Mulder speechless.

    8. Her sarcasm was perfect.

    9. She had the most adorable expressions.

    10. She was successful in a male-dominated field.

    11. She put Mulder's theories into perspective.

    12. She knew how to get shot at gracefully.

    13. She survived cancer.

    14. She could read anyone like a book — especially Mulder.

    15. She was a sass-master.