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Top 10 Annoying People At Your Thanksgiving Table

We all have those guests that drive us just a little crazy.

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The “One-upper”

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You just ran a half marathon? Well, that is nothing compared to the “one-upper’s” second triathlon.

Want to talk about your weekend trip to Key West? Absolutely not, not while there is a “one-upper” ready to parachute in and tell you about their study abroad summer in Barcelona for the fifth time.

The “Never Ending Story Teller”

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The “never ending story teller” does not just tell drawn out stories, they do so in a soft whisper tone, so you have to use an exorbitant amount of energy to hear what they are saying. They speak so slowly and their eyes are about 2/3 closed making it unclear if it was just you, or both of you, who fell asleep mid conversation.

The "Political Zealot"


Everything you say is up for political debate; disengage quickly and retreat to another martini.

You: “Wow these apple pie martinis are delicious… I am already feeling a little buzz.”

The Political Zealot: “You know who else is feeling the buzz? The Americans who are intoxicated with taxes!”

You: “Another apple pie martini… double shot, please.”

The "Matchmaker"


If you are single and older than 25 years of age, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

You: “I can’t wait for New Years!”

Matchmaker: “What are you doing for New Years? Do you have a date? I have the perfect person for you. You can’t be single forever! I can hear your biological clock saying tik-tok!

You: “Please pass the vodka.”

The “Unnecessary Explainer”


The “unnecessary explainer” is not just too wordy for their own good; it’s more than that. It is the degrading tone they mask in an obnoxious helpful worldly tone.

The Unnecessary Explainer: “I went to this amazing new tapas bar last weekend!” pauses and tilts head slightly to left “tapas are small plates- you know like a bunch of little appetizers.”

You: *pours more wine.”

The “Compliment Fisher”


The Compliment Fisher: This year I tried a new recipe for the turkey; I know it is too dry. Don’t worry I won’t be offended if you can’t eat it.

Everyone: No! It is great- we love it!

The Compliment Fisher: I guess you are right! It is great, isn’t it?

The "Holy Preacher"


Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being religious but when is enough, enough? If Jesus were sitting at this table he would not be talking about how awesome he is, so before spit firing your religious quotes please ask yourself WWJD.

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