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7 Cheap And Easy DIY Ideas For Your Uni Room

universal DIY ideas to make uni feel like home

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7 Clever and Cheap Ways to Liven Up Your Uni Room

Rooms in University halls or student houses can be boring af. They all look the same, with barely any character, and even less space. Decorating your room can be expensive, but with these DIY tips and tricks, you'll be able to spend more of your (parent's) hard earned pennies on £1 j-bombs.

1. Photos


This one is obvious. Being hours away from family and friends can be daunting, especially in your first term. Make sure to bring them with you to uni by hanging the nicest photos of you all around your room. My favourite way to display my photos is having them printed as polaroids by websites such as PhotoBox. Polaroid prints are just 30p each and can be customised with a caption. Hanging these off of string with some pegs could be the rustic and homely addition your room needs.

2. Washi Tape Frames


If polaroid photos aren't really your thing, wash tape frames could be for you. Washi tape has caught the spotlight since the rising trend of bullet journals. It's basically fabric tape, but can come in loads of pretty patterns. If you are planning on filling your room with photos of lovers/friends from home, framing them with wash tape is a beautiful way to do so, and is approved of by most landlords.

3. Lighting


Uni rooms tend to be incredibly dark and dingy. One way to bring your room alive is by adding lights. Fairy lights can be bought inexpensively from homeware stores, and can be customised to suit your taste. One hack is to paint the outside of the bulbs with your favourite shade of nail varnish, to bring some colour to your room relatively cheaply.

I recently splashed out (£6 is splashing out for me) on these beautiful elephant fairy lights from Primark. My uni room is full of elephants, and these little guys cheer me up

4. Cushions and Throws


Uni rooms can be quite cold, especially if you are in a student house and heating is a luxury. It's worth buying- or stealing from home- some cushions and a thick blanket for your bed. You'll really appreciate the warmth, and cushions can be inexpensive ways to make a house feel like a home.

George at Asda are currently doing a 3 for £10 deal on cushions, although you can easily get cheaper ones online, or from charity shops.

P.S- literally no student room looks as good as the one above

5. DIY Storage Boxes


Erica from Caught on a Whim has taught me how to make charming storage boxes for your uni bedroom, using just old cardboard boxes, fabric and fabric glue. I recently made these and instead of buying new fabric, used fabric from a duvet cover that was going to be thrown away and superglued an old necklace to the top of one to make a handle. The trick is with these boxes is to be creative, they could be a perfect and unique way to store university supplies.

6. Hang a tapestry on your wall to make a cheap and beautiful feature wall


Tapestries can be so beautiful and inexpensive. If you find tapestries out of your price range, consider buying a king size duvet with a nice print, or even a fabric table cloth. I'd recommend buying one after you have moved in, so you can measure your wall and make sure you buy the right size. Extra points for adding some fairy lights to the top of the tapestry.

7. Buy some fresh plants

Low maintenance plants are ideal for lazy students. They make usually smelly uni rooms smell a lot better. They are also a very natural and beautiful way to liven up your room. If you are a better person than me, supermarkets sell relatively cheap flowers, and can be a lovely way to add colour to a room.

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