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Woman Gets Stuck In Her Ex's Chimney... But Not Before Taking Off All Her Clothes

Spoiler alert: She never made it into the house.

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A woman in California tried to break into her ex's house. Through the chimney. While nude.

In a show of particularly poor judgment, a currently unidentified Riverside County woman recently decided to try climbing down her ex's chimney after discovering his doors were (understandably) locked. In a show of even poorer judgment, she took all her clothes off first, thinking it would help keep her from getting stuck.

Unbelievably, she got stuck. After she called for help, her ex, Tony Hernandez, woke around 4:30 a.m. and tried to pull her out — nearly falling off the roof in the process — but was unsuccessful. Riverside County firefighters came and broke the chimney apart, finally pulling the woman free after about two hours. How they managed to do so with straight faces is still unknown, but they did post photos of the rescue on the fire department's Twitter page. (The woman's bare, sooty legs can be seen in one of them.)

Technical Rescue this morning on Rancho Viejo Dr. in Woodcrest. Photo Credit, Engineer Jared Hazelaar. #Rancho

— CAL FIRE Riverside (@CALFIRERRU) January 3, 2015

It's unclear exactly why the woman wanted into the house so bad, though it was possibly to see the couple's three children, who she's not allowed to visit.

This is the second time in just a few months that a California woman found herself stuck in a chimney, making us wonder why the local gyms haven't cashed in on this near-phenomenon and started offering chimney-climbing classes.

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