These 19 "WeCrashed" Fans Think Anne Hathaway Deserves The Emmy For Playing Rebekah Neumann

    "My god is Anne Hathaway doing her best most unhinged work."

    Anne Hathaway might be adding another Emmy nod to her ever-growing list of awards nominations.

    Anne Hathaway in "WeCrashed"

    People can't stop talking about her performance as Rebekah Neumann, wife of WeWork founder Adam Neumann (played by Jared Leto), in Apple TV+'s miniseries about the rise and fall of the company.

    Anne Hathaway in "WeCrashed"

    Here are 16 people who are loving Anne in WeCrashed:


    My goodness, Anne Hathaway in #WeCrashed is SUBLIME. How did she find that voice?! 😱

    Twitter: @MoSaiid


    Wife this morning: “it’s effing crazy that Anne Hathaway is having to pretend to be a bad actress…and she’s effing killing it.” #WeCrashed

    Twitter: @TheNguyilsonian


    “I think we should all agree there should not be a fuck closet.” Bless Anne Hathaway for that gift 💀 #WeCrashed

    Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @senoritav76


    wearing my "Women are Colossal" shirt today to celebrate Anne Hathaway delivering another monstrous performance as Rebekah Neumann in WeCrashed!!! this tweet is for 8 people.

    Twitter: @christress


    Anne Hathway plays such a convincing sociopath, literally have to remember she’s playing a character 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨#WeCrashed

    PBS / Via Twitter: @PoromaPant


    If you’re not watching Anne Hathaway in #wecrashed you’re missing one of the best performances in a series in a VERY long time

    Twitter: @seakay83


    Just finished the first 3 episodes of #WeCrashed and honestly, Anne Hathaway is the star of everything & more. Give her every award this series could be up for. Jared Leto’s obviously amazing in this too but..ANNE.

    Twitter: @danceonfordays


    Anne BEEN THAT GIRL Hathaway is acting her ass off in WeCrashed.

    Twitter: @mayaollie


    Damn. Anne Hathaway is so freaking talented. #WeCrashed

    Twitter: @joshschmunk


    the way anne hathaway burst into tears in the middle of saying “cup-a-soup” in #WeCrashed is reason enough for an emmy

    Twitter: @tommyodonnell__


    We Crashed is so well written and Anne Hathaway's performance wooow

    Twitter: @sharlynKtv


    Obsessed with whatever Anne Hathaway is doing with her voice on #wecrashed

    Twitter: @r2d2thebest


    Anne Hathaway is amazing and stunning in Wecrashed on Apple TV+ In case you needed suggestions on what to watch/starting a new tv series

    Twitter: @TheeDeg


    Still not sure if WeCrashed is actually good television, but my god is Anne Hathaway doing her best most unhinged work.

    Twitter: @clareellenhope


    so i started watching ‘wecrashed’ & lemme just say…ANNE HATHAWAY.

    Twitter: @_wegotthejaz


    they’ve only released three episodes so far of wecrashed and honestly anne hathaway deserves an emmy

    Twitter: @DeclanEnuf


    Anne Hathaway manages to show a million levels of nuance with Rebecca. You hate her but also identify with so many parts of her.

    Twitter: @VLVarin


    Enjoying #WeCrashed I love Anne Hathaway!

    Twitter: @mattgillard


    I forgot how much I missed Anne Hathaway until I started watching We Crashed. She’s so good.

    Twitter: @trojanchick99

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