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This Disney-Themed Wedding Will Make You Question Your Devotion To The Mouse

The ultimate cartoon wedding come to life.

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This couple has put all other Disney fans to shame.

Imagine, for a moment, that we got to see Belle and the Prince's wedding in Beauty and the Beast. Or, don't bother and just take a look at the photos from Toni Scaplehorn and Eric Orford's wedding.

John Allen / Via

"We were deciding what to go as when he said he wanted to go as The Beast, as he is already so hairy, and so I thought I would go as Belle," Scaplehorn told Daily Mail.

John Allen / Via

Scaplehorn's parents got in the spirit as well, dressing as Fred Flintstone and Cruella de Vil, and a number of other Disney and fairytale characters can be seen in the photos. (It looks like a certain DC Comics villain crashed the party as well.)

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