"The Last Of Us" Season 1 Was Heartbreaking, So Here's A Ranking Of 15 Of The Saddest Moments

    My eyes are still sore from all the sobbing.

    WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for The Last of Us Season 1.

    Season 1 of The Last of Us is over, but the tears remain.

    Since I've never played the video game the show is based on, I went into this show knowing only the basic premise of the game and a few things I'd gleaned from Twitter, so I thought I was in for more scares and gore than anything.

    Before I started my binge watch, I did not expect to spend the day crying my eyes out.

    Here are 15 of the saddest moments of the series, from (in my opinion) least to most devastating:

    15. When Joel builds a gravestone for Tess

    joel stacking rocks near the river on the last of us

    14. When Joel flashes back to Sarah's death before protecting Ellie

    joel protecting ellie in the last of us

    13. When Ellie confronts Joel about leaving her and tells him she knows about Sarah

    ellie in the last of us

    12. When Bill gets shot

    11. When Professor Pertiwi explains that there's no vaccine or treatment for the infection

    professor pertiwi saying i would like to be with my family on last of us

    10. When Joel admits to Tommy what he’s been going through

    joel on the last of us

    9. When Tess sacrifices herself so Joel and Ellie can escape

    tess on the last of us

    8. When Ellie fights off David, kills him, and then reunites with Joel

    ellie on the last of us

    7. When Sarah died

    6. When we saw Ellie's birth and what happened to her mom, Anna

    Anna talking to baby Ellie

    5. When Joel goes to save Ellie, even though he knows it might mean dooming the world

    4. And when he lies to Ellie about it after

    3. When Henry shoots Sam and then kills himself after Sam's been infected

    henry in the last of us

    2. When Ellie and Riley are both bitten by an infected and we know there's only hope for one of them, even though they don't

    riley and ellie in the last of us

    1. When Bill and Frank spent their last day together

    bill and frank getting married in the last of us

    What moments had you crying the hardest during Season 1 of The Last of Us? Sound off in the comments.