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    19 Tweets That Prove Jensen Ackles Is One Of The Best Parts Of "The Boys" Season 3

    A new contender for America's ass has entered the ring.

    If you tried to watch the latest episode of The Boys Friday morning, you may have run into some trouble.

    According to showrunner, Eric Kripke, there were some "tech issues" keeping the episode from going up.

    Hey guys. Turns out there’s been some tech issues at Vought+, I mean @PrimeVideo. They’re getting Ep 4 out to people asap. I have Adam Bourke working on it, so what could go wrong. Apologies. #TheBoys #TheBoysTV

    Twitter: @therealKripke

    It later came to light that the culprit was in fact Jensen Ackles' naked ass.

    Update: it should be up now! If it isn’t for you, stay in line, it should be soon. Let’s always remember the night Jensen Ackles’ ass broke Amazon. @TheBoysTV #TheBoys #TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo

    Twitter: @therealKripke

    "Tech issues" aside, it's clear that Ackles, who plays Solider Boy (The Boys' answer to Captain America) has already become something of an MVP this season.

    Some of the lucky few who got to see the season early are all in agreement that he's a *chef's kiss* addition.

    .@JensenAckles was by far one of the best parts of the newest season of #TheBoys

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @TheNJMick

    Just finished watching season 3 of The Boys. There aren't many shows (or films, for that matter) that can make me gasp these days, but this one regularly gets that reaction. Jensen Ackles is about to become everyone's favourite superhero... #TheBoys

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @cassamlooch

    Now that embargo is up, Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy is the MVP of Season 3. He's outstanding in this, the best I have ever seen him act. Even more unhinged and crass than this shows you. Wait till you all see him in action. #TheBoys

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @_ShauryaChawla

    Judging from these reactions to his debut, fans are in agreement.

    His lip twitch, his suppressed rage just because a woman dared to say no to him, this is just an exquisite performance, an epitome of toxic masculinity #SoldierBoy #JensenAckles #TheBoys #TheBoysTV

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @MajesticJensen

    The way @JensenAckles can convey a million emotions without saying a single word. The depth and nuance of just his facial expression and body movements is the finest caliber of acting. #SoldierBoy #TheBoys #TheBoysSpoilers

    Twitter: @deanismybuddy

    #TheBoys SEASON THREE SPOILERS - if jensen managed to make an entire audience of his fans absolutely despise soldier boy with only two proper scenes of him i think that speaks for itself

    Twitter: @maevesword

    The way Jensen is so disarming as Soldier Boy is incredible. We haven't seen a whole lot of him yet but whatever we did see, it's uncomfortable & disarming. I didn't expect i would start hating him so soon but I do hate him & I like that a lot.

    Twitter: @deansbestie_

    Even though Soldier Boy unequivocally sucks, Jensen Ackles unequivocally does not, and his fans immediately wanted to see more of him.

    are you excited to see jensen ackles as soldier boy

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @soIdierbxy

    I know Soldier Boy is supposed to be the bad guy and we’re not supposed to like him but I literally CANNOT wait to see Jensen Ackles on my screen tonight. I have missed him sooo much since Supernatural. #SoldierBoyDay #TheBoys

    CW / Via Twitter: @sammyjo2016

    I’m so excited to see more of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy. My expectations were already high, but damn it, those three episodes went way beyond what i was expecting. Really can’t wait for next week

    Twitter: @gabiintheskywtd

    Plenty of people are happy to see him getting his flowers.

    #spnfamily always knew @JensenAckles was something special. Now the rest of the world gets to fall in love with him. #SoldierBoy #TheBoys

    Twitter: @LadyMandyisms

    Jensen Ackles getting the recognition he deserves. So true <3

    Twitter: @CasBonnet

    People are talking about the boys in my class and I’m just so happy Jensen is in something people will happily and proudly recommend to others lol

    Twitter: @nicounhinged

    I'm so proud of one Jensen Ackles. I would imagine it takes a lot to walk into a new performance in an established space and get nekkid on the first day. Talk about some personal bravery. And he still KILLED IT. #TheBoys #SoldierBoy

    Twitter: @JessieTeaSippin

    Aaaand they're certainly not mad that they got to see his bare derrière.


    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @JacklesisGod

    Welp one thing I never saw the 15 years I watched supernatural, was Jensen Ackles ass and it's definitely America's ass ❤️, #TheBoysTV #JensenAckles #SoldierBoy

    Twitter: @ThillZach33

    BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!😂 Jensen Ackles' ass looks great🔥🍑👌🏻

    Twitter: @Jones__Jessica

    happy jensen ackles ass day to all who celebrate

    Twitter: @shaybeenerd

    All in all, I think this tweet about sums it up.

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @FoxElliee

    Are you enjoying Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy on The Boys? Sound off in the comments!