19 Tweets That Prove "The Batman" Is Worth Spending Three Hours In A Movie Theater

    BRB, taking the Batmobile to the nearest movie theater.

    The Batman doesn't hit theaters in the US until March 4, but a handful of lucky people have already gotten to see it.

    I am not one of those lucky people, and to be honest, I was fully prepared to just wait until the movie hit HBO Max so I could post up in my favorite armchair with my cats.

    But after reading all the glowing tweets about it, I might have to reconsider...

    Here are 19 tweets that have me ready to leave my Batcave and venture out to the theater:


    I’ve seen #TheBatman and it is incredible! I had high expectations going into the film and they were surpassed in every way possible. This is the Batman movie I’ve been waiting for. It's nearly 3 hours and I would’ve happily watched a 6-hour cut of this story.

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @DorianParksnRec


    For those asking: I give it 10/10 #TheBatman Year 2 of Batman is raw, emotional, realistic, and violent…What a Batman! Robert killed it 🔥The Penguin & the Riddler were AMAZING! Selina was portrayed as it always should have been! WATCH IT ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!

    Twitter: @LisWonder1


    So glad I had several days between when I saw #TheBatman & the embargo lifted because initially when it ended I was like "that was really good." But the longer I sit w/it, the more I've found myself obsessing, mulling over its genius. This film isn't leaving me any time soon.

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @griffschiller


    I just quite simply LOVED #TheBatman and here’s how I know. I saw it at a press screening sat by myself (no plus ones) and with a mask on and I was grinning the entire time which means that grin was just for me. Loved. Loved. Loved.

    Twitter: @jowrotethis


    #TheBatman will go down as one of the best comicbook films in a long time. The script, performances, set pieces, & visual storytelling was phenomenal. Robert Pattinson shines as an emotional brooding Batman next to Paul Dano's terrifying Riddler. Matt Reeves' modern masterpiece.

    Jonathan Olley/™ & © DC Comics , Jonathan Olley / © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection , Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @Cinemaniac94


    Not to exaggerate, but @TheBatman is one of the best films of recent years. @mattreevesLA is a commanding force, creating a delicious detective drama with a powerhouse cast. I would’ve watched five hours of this. #TheBatman 🦇

    Jonathan Olley/™ & © DC Comics / Via Twitter: @TheJosieMarie


    OH MY GOD I JUST SAW #TheBatman . It is the definitive Batman experience that matches the classic show from the 90s. @mattreevesLA delivers a heartfelt narrative with compelling characters and themes.

    Twitter: @7Spideycomics


    I saw #TheBatman and it really took me by surprise. I loved how it felt like the classic comics and a proper Batman film. I’m excited to see it again!

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @Corey_WolfPack


    Saw the Batman trailer in the cinema over the weekend. Pattinson offers a weirdness interpretations usually lack. A symmetrically chiselled wisecracking "batman" is stupid. Pattinson is handsome but also looks like he's never left a basement, perfect imo.

    Twitter: @ACardent


    Brooding, seductive, and chilling - I haven’t been able to get #TheBatman out of my head since I saw it. Its fiery vengeance is indeed striking, but it’s the film’s hope that really shines through. It’s not just a signal or a warning, but something so much more 🦇

    Jonathan Olley/™ & © DC Comics ,  Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @EmilyVMurray


    I've seen #TheBatman and it is a ferocious detective drama punctuated by moments of incredibly visceral action. Matt Reeves' direction is dark, deep, intense & flooded w/ instantly iconic imagery. A live-action BATMAN movie unlike any we've seen. Brilliant & badass. BIG recommend

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @ErikDavis


    The Batman is unlike any other Batman film before it. The plot is grounded in reality, even more so than Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. #TheBatman is more of a detective story rather than a superhero film. The cast is v. good with Colin Ferrell & Paul Dano being the film’s MVPs.

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @ScottDMenzel


    Matt Reeves has made THE definitive BATMAN film with THE BATMAN. Think of Se7en but set in Gotham. Robert Pattinson’s eyes are so intense & observant under the black cowl while Michael Giacchino’s score is a grand & haunting masterwork. An epic, dark & thematically rich neo-noir.

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @NextBestPicture


    #TheBatman is a dark crime noir that floors you from start to finish. This isn’t just one of the most Unique comic book movies to date…. It is easily the BEST Batman Adaptation YET & Yes Robert Pattinson is everything the trailers have promised you & more. He is INCREDIBLE

    Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection , Jonathan Olley / © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection / DC Comics / Via Twitter: @popetheking


    THE BATMAN rules. Matt Reeves has gifted us with an unapologetically noir take on Batman that is equal turns grand, intimate, hard-edged, and even a little wistful. Robert Pattinson is our broodiest, most disarmingly sensitive Bat-boy yet. Frame this movie for me!!

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @htranbui


    Robert Pattinson will no longer be called twilight boy after #TheBatman. He will forever be known as The Batman once everyone sees how brilliant he is

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @blurayangel


    Pattinson in #TheBatman feels like a man that is being held together by duct tape, pain killers, and madness. Then he puts on the mask and he's like a demon from hell, an alien. The decision to make his footsteps reverberate in the film itself is absolutely genius.

    Twitter: @EVComedy


    #TheBatman is a ridiculous, bold, brilliant event, absolutely jam-packed with style & a surprising sense of humor. It’s like nothing else in this space, and that has only made me love it more with each passing moment. I’m obsessed.

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @heyitsjennalynn


    But, forget about the film itself, cause the post-credits scene is overwhelming. Seriously, if you needed a reason to watch #TheBatman and make it a DC hit, surpassing a billion dollars, now you have it. Those 2 mins. sustain at least another 10 years of Bat movies. 👇

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @gabirucarvalho

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