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The Fashion On "That '90s Show" Is Pretty Spot-On — Let's See Which Outfits You Would Wear Now

Not gonna lie, I want Nikki's pink plaid sundress.

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If you were old enough during the '90s (or alive at all), there are probably a lot of clothes on That '90s Show that seem familiar.

jay on that 90s show

You might even remember seeing specific items of clothing from the show back in the day.

Ozzie on That '90s Show

But as we've seen over the years, fashion is cyclical, and a lot of millennials and members of Gen Z are wearing the styles that were popular back in the '90s.

young man in black and white checkerboard vest and orange bucket hat

What about you? Would you wear any of these '90s-inspired outfits from That '90s Show?