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    Here Are 19 Of The "That '70s Show" Easter Eggs I Noticed In "That '90s Show"

    Spoiler alert: the kids are still hanging out down the street doing the same old thing they did last week.

    I don't know about you, but I've been watching and rewatching That '70s Show since it first began airing in 1998.

    So when I heard they were making a reboot set in the '90s — the decade I spent most of my formative years in — I was pretty excited.

    I was especially stoked to see how much the original show would factor into the new one — what sort of references and Easter eggs would be included.

    I love a good callback, and fortunately, there ended up being quite a few in That '90s Show — here are some of the ones I noticed:

    1. The opening title cards in "That '90s Pilot" are almost identical to the opening title cards in "That '70s Pilot."

    2. Donna being an author and Eric being a teacher

    donna saying you read my book on that 90s show

    3. Eric's obsession with Star Wars

    eric saying that's what happens when your course is super popular dad and red replying the religion of star wars on that 70s show

    4. The scene transitions

    a scene transition from that 70s show featuring fez and donna and one from that 90s show featuring jay nate and nikki

    5. The weed-induced kitchen hallucinations

    red and kitty through the eyes of stoned teens on that 70s show and that 90s show

    6. All the foots in asses

    eric yelling oh you're getting in that car or my foot is getting in your ass on that 90s show

    7. The kids having to buy a tap for a keg of beer that randomly came into their possession

    kelso buying a tap in that 70s show and leia buying a tap in that 90s show


    9. "Michael, let's GO!"

    jackie yelling michael let's go at kelso in that 90s show

    10. "Damn, Jackie!"

    kelso yelling damn jackie at jackie on that 90s show

    11. "I said 'good day!'"

    fez in that 90s show

    12. Red seeing Fez naked again

    red unwittingly seeing fez naked in both that 70s show and that 90s show

    13. Fez's war with Fenton the landlord

    fez and fenton arguing in that 70s show and that 90s show

    14. Red reminding Kitty that Kelso once glued himself to their fridge

    kelso with his hand glued to the forman's fridge in that 70s show

    15. Red and Kitty getting caught having sex to "Tell Me Something Good" again

    eric looking horrified after catching red and kitty having sex in that 70s show and sherri coming out of the bathroom of their room after they were having sex in that 90s show

    16. The Candyland stash

    ozzie leia and gwen looking at the candyland box in that 90s show

    17. The water tower

    the kids hanging out at the water tower in that 70s show and that 90s show

    18. The Vista Cruiser

    19. And finally, Eric and Donna sitting on top of their car and playfully pushing each other's heads

    What were some of your favorite callbacks to the original show? Sound off in the comments!