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I Recast "Stranger Things" As If It Was Filmed In The '90s

If I could turn back time...

Because the TikTok algorithm knows me very well, I was recently shown a video by @thevintageteacher featuring who she'd cast if Stranger Things came out in the '80s.

I've gotta say, her picks — including Drew Barrymore as Eleven and Harrison Ford as Hopper, plus actual Stranger Things cast members Sean Astin as Mike and Winona Ryder as Robin — were pretty inspired.

Because I was born in the late '80s, most of my favorite media is straight from the '90s, and the video got me thinking about who would've been cast if the show had been shot in the '90s.

Here are my personal picks:

Tina Majorino as Eleven

John Francis Daley as Mike

Bug Hall as Will

Josh Peck as Dustin

Lee Thompson Young as Lucas

Michelle Trachtenberg as Max

Kyla Pratt as Erica

Christina Ricci as Nancy

Devon Sawa as Steve

Elijah Wood as Jonathan

Marla Sokoloff as Robin

Michael Pitt as Billy