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If You're Not From The US, Tell Me What American Movies Always Get Wrong About Your Country

Not everyone in Canada is nice and not everyone in France is rude!

If you're a filmmaker, it can be hard to get a movie right if you're not familiar with the setting.

And, over time, if enough movies depict the same incorrect info about a place, viewers who aren't from that place will likely start to think that info is correct.

If you're not from the US, I'm curious about what ways American movies do this to other countries that you'd be happy to never see again.

Maybe you're Irish and are tired of seeing Irish people always portrayed as heavy drinkers.

Or maybe you're Mexican, and you don't understand why every American movie always uses a sepia tone for scenes in Mexico.

Or perhaps you're Jamaican and are just as sick of seeing onscreen Jamaicans doing nothing but smoking weed.

Or you could be Canadian and know there are just as many douchebags in your home country as there are anywhere else.

Let me know what stereotype you're sick of seeing in the comments, or share anonymously via this Google form.