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    Patrick Stewart, Jane Fonda, And 17 Other Celebrities Who Are Part Of The Silent Generation

    And why it's called the Silent Generation.

    There's been a lot of talk about generational divides over the past few years.

    But while boomers, Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z tend to be the subjects of those conversations, you don't hear a lot about the Silent Generation.

    For those who aren't familiar with this generation, it includes those born roughly between the years 1928 and 1945 — just before the boomers.

    So, why are they called the Silent Generation? According to a TIME article from 1951: "Youth today is waiting for the hand of fate to fall on its shoulders, meanwhile working fairly hard and saying almost nothing. The most startling fact about the younger generation is its silence. With some rare exceptions, youth is nowhere near the rostrum. By comparison with the Flaming Youth of their fathers & mothers, today's younger generation is a still, small flame. It does not issue manifestoes, make speeches, or carry posters."

    John Malkovich, Gary Sinise, and Ray Walston in of mice and men

    Here are some celebrities who are considered part of the Silent Generation:

    1. Julie Andrews

    julie andrews at the fox studio lot

    2. Warren Beatty

    warren beatty at the aarp awards

    3. Eric Clapton

    eric clapton performing

    4. Robert De Niro

    robert de niro at the amsterdam premiere

    5. Faye Dunaway

    faye dunaway at the 2018 vanity fair oscar party

    6. Anthony Fauci

    dr anthony fauci

    7. Jane Fonda

    jane fonda at a grace and frankie event

    8. Harrison Ford

    harrison ford at the call of the wild premiere

    9. Morgan Freeman

    morgan freeman at the afi awards luncheon

    10. Dustin Hoffman

    dustin hoffman

    11. James Earl Jones

    james earl jones at a disney event

    12. Rita Moreno

    rita moreno at the national equal justice awards dinner

    13. Willie Nelson

    willie nelson with a guitar

    14. Jack Nicholson

    jack nicholson at a basketball game

    15. Tom Selleck

    tom selleck in blue bloods

    16. Barbra Streisand

    barbra streisand

    17. Patrick Stewart

    patrick stewart at the emmys

    18. Raquel Welch

    raquel welch

    19. Billy Dee Williams

    billy dee williams at a disney event