Tim Robinson's Cameo, The Lost Props, And 22 More Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "Scream VI"

    I'm gonna need to see all those Ghostface audition monologues.

    🚨🚨🚨This post contains spoilers for the new Scream movie, as well as the previous films of the franchise🚨🚨🚨

    If you're anything like me, you love some good movie trivia, and fortunately, there's already quite a bit of it for Scream VI.

    Here are 24 things you might not know about the making of the film:

    1. Every actor who auditioned for Scream VI had to read a Ghostface monologue to make sure the killer's identity wasn't leaked.

    ghostface in scream vi

    2. The Ghostfaces didn't know they were going to be Ghostfaces right off the bat.

    It was a surprise for Jack Champion and Liana Liberato, who play Ethan and Quinn respectively, according to Gillet's fellow Radio Silence member and Scream VI producer, Chad Villella.

    "One of the best parts of all of that was they didn't get the third act of the script at all," he said in the same Collider interview, "so they’re in their costume fittings and they tried on their costumes, and then we came in and [were] like, 'There’s one more thing you have to try on,' and then we brought out the Ghostface robe and a mask so they could try it on for the first time. That's how they found out."

    Meanwhile, Dermot Mulroney, who plays Detective Bailey, said in an interview with The Independent, "I was told by my agent, 'Good news, we have a call from Scream VI, they want you, they can't tell you anything else, but they need to let you know that you are the bad guy.' It wasn't called 'Ghostface' there; it was just 'the bad guy.'" 

    He said he went on to receive the script piece-by-piece and didn't know for sure he was Ghostface until he got to the end.

    3. Courteney Cox, who plays Gale Weathers, and Roger L. Jackson, who voices Ghostface, are now the only two actors to be involved in every film in the franchise.

    gale on the phone with ghostface in scream vi

    4. Even years ago, Kevin Williamson's original plan for Scream 6 was going to focus more on Gale than Sidney.

    Following the release of 2022's Scream, Williamson revealed that Scream 4 was supposed to be the start of a new trilogy. He told Bloody Disgusting that in his original vision for a fifth movie, Jill would have gone to college (where Sidney was a professor) and faced off with a killer who knew she'd been the killer in the previous film.

    "Scream 6 was gonna answer whatever happened between Dewey and Gale," Williamson continued. "Sidney was in it, but it was more focused on Gale’s storyline."

    Due to Scream 4's relatively poor box office performance — it was the first film in the series to bring in less than $100M globally, despite having one of the highest. budgets — Williamson's vision for a fifth film never came to fruition.

    5. Cox did her own stunts during Gale's showdown with Ghostface.

    "That was the bulk of my time filming," she told Entertainment Weekly. "It was very physical. It was my favorite scene that I've ever had in a Scream movie because I got to really fight with Ghostface."

    6. The decision to have Quinn be the Ghostface to take down Gale's boyfriend Brooks was partly inspired by some of the criticism the filmmakers got for the previous movie.

    quinn in scream vi

    7. Kirby was supposed to return sooner, but no one could track down Hayden Panettiere in time for the fifth film.

    kirby in scream vi

    8. Radio Silence begged Paramount to leave out a certain moment from the trailers.

    For the first time in the franchise, we see two Ghostfaces in costume onscreen together. Right after they attack Chad, they turn to face Sam and Tara and do the signature Ghostface move of wiping the blood from their knife blades — in sync.

    Apparently Paramount wanted to include the moment in the trailer, which is understandable because it's cool as hell, but Radio Silence asked them not to. They told ReelBlend:

    "That's one of my favorite parts of the movie too, you know? And we did ask them to take it out of the trailer, because we wanted to save it for the theater. Which was really nice. We knew that was going to be the first thing marketing would want to use. And then they did. And we were like, 'Can you please just take it out of the trailer? Let's save it, make it special.'"

    9. Melissa Barrera advocated for certain changes to be made to her character, Sam, after reading the first draft of the script.

    sam in scream vi

    10. Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, dressed as Kurt Cobain, and Tyler Gillett, with a fake butcher knife through his head, appear in the subway scene.

    "It’s maybe a matter of 12 frames, if not less. Just a quick little flash, but we appear very briefly," they told Variety. "The best 12 frames in the movie, certainly the scariest."

    11. Blackmore University, the college Tara, Mindy, Chad, and their new friends attend, could be a substitute for New York University.

    chad wearing a blackmore university sweatshirt in scream vi

    12. Though it's set in one of America's most well-known cities, Scream VI is the first to be filmed outside the US.

    mcgill university in montreal

    13. One of the film's marketing stunts caused a slight panic.

    In early March, people in Ghostface costumes were sent out to various cities as part of a viral marketing ploy. One of those cities was Sonoma, CA (where the original Scream was filmed), and police received several 911 calls from alarmed locals.

    14. Jack Champion, who was just 17 at the time of filming, is the youngest actor to play Ghostface to date.

    ethan in scream vi

    15. Out of all the Scream movies, this one had the second-highest budget at $35M.

    The third and fourth films both had budgets of $40M, the second and fifth both had budgets of $24M, and the original had a budget of $15M.

    16. Adjusting for inflation, Scream VI had the third-biggest domestic opening weekend of the franchise.

    It brought in about $44.5M, while the second and third films both brought in about $60M.

    Not factoring in inflation, Scream VI had the biggest opening weekend.

    17. As with the previous films, this one includes characters whose names are references to previous horror movies.

    18. The inclusion of Jason Takes Manhattan couldn't have happened a few years ago.

    The Friday the 13th movies have always been Paramount productions, but it wasn't until 2020 that Miramax — the company that owned the rights to the Scream franchise — was officially sold to Paramount.

    "It was really serendipitous, actually," Bettinelli-Olpin told Bloody Disgusting. "We kept making jokes, obviously; from the first time we read the script, Jason Takes Manhattan was a part of the conversation. But we never had a place for it in the movie to actually call it out. Then...we had a list of movies from Paramount that they owned that we could use in the movie. The second we saw that one, we were like, 'Oh, there it is.' It all just fell into place."

    19. Tim Robinson of I Think You Should Leave fame has a cameo.

    20. The home videos featuring Richie at the end of Scream VI weren't created digitally — they're actual home videos of a young Jack Quaid.

    He also "revoiced all of the lines in Stab that you hear in that sequence," according to producer James Vanderbilt.

    21. In an original cut of Sam's scene with her therapist, who's clearly a horror fan, she comes across a Ghostface doll as she's leaving his office.

    dr stone in scream vi

    22. There were no props left over from the previous films — "Not even the graphics files from the posters and book covers," according to production designer Michèle Laliberté — so everything for the shrine had to be recreated from scratch.

    the shrine in scream vi

    23. Illustrated images of the previous victims were used instead of photographs for legal reasons.

    "We didn’t have rights to photos of those actors," Laliberté explained, adding that while "it started as a problem or a challenge," she thinks "it’s more interesting than if we just had photos of the victims in the displays. In the end, it’s much more emotional."

    24. 2022's Scream made it clear that the filmmakers pay attention to what fans say online, and Scream VI continues this trend.

    mindy and kirby at the shrine in scream vi

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