People Are Sharing The Places You Absolutely Should Not Bring A Newborn, And There Are Some Hot Takes

    "You bring a baby to the movies by choice."

    I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the places they think parents shouldn't bring their newborn babies, and folks had a lot of thoughts.

    Here are 19 of them:

    1. "Any sort of spa or salon. People go there to relax, and the sound of screaming and crying babies isn’t relaxing. Especially to parents like me who are trying to get some self-care and kid-free time."


    2. "Nail salons. I’ve seen this quite a few times. I’m all for moms taking some time to pamper themselves and relax, but all the dust and fumes have to be terrible for young babies."


    Manicurist applies nail polish to someone's fingernails

    3. "Fancy restaurants. You’re more than likely paying for the experience, and that experience is totally taken away with a screaming baby or even a young kid who doesn’t know how to behave themselves."


    "If there is not a kid's menu, don't bring kids." 


    4. "High-end stores where there might be a chance of things being damaged (from being sick and pooping). A baby is not going to remember someone trying on a wedding dress."


    person working in a wedding dress store

    5. "Libraries. They are in there all the time. Not just the children’s section, either. EVERYWHERE. Anyone else would be silenced, but we’re supposed to put up with their crying and babbling, because 'they can’t help it.'"


    6. "Adult sections in libraries. There are kids sections for a reason, and no one can focus on their books with a crying baby right next to them."


    Bookshelves with books and textbooks in the public library

    7. "Airplanes (it hurts their ears, and everyone else’s when they cry)."


    8. "The movies is the #1 place. Tom Segura did a bit in one of his standups about this and says, 'If your excuse for bringing your child to the movies is that you couldn't find a babysitter, don't get to go to the movies. That's how that works!' While airplanes are a more annoying place to be trapped with a crying baby, some people can't help but have to fly somewhere with a baby. You bring a baby to the movies by choice."


    "When I had my first, there was a movie theater near me that hosted 'cry baby matinees.' It was specifically for moms with babies. The movie theater lights would be low lit, and they had a changing area to the side. The sound was also not as loud." 


    people watching a film at the movie theater

    9. "Theme parks! We went to Disney World recently, and the amount of fresh-out-of-the-womb babies we saw was insane. I don't want to ride Pirates of the Caribbean behind you and your newborn."


    10. "Any type of Amusement park: Disneyland, Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, Busch Gardens, Lego land, etc... you get the point. Especially if that is your only child at the time, it's really weird seeing a family of three maneuver around big theme park crowds with a stroller, and a carrier, and a baby in hand. Like, why are you torturing yourself? And why doesn't that baby have some sort of hat on its head? Are you only there for the food? Did y'all just need to get out of the house?"


    the walt disney world sign

    11. "I've been to concerts where someone brought a baby. Their poor ears."


    "I have seen small babies at three-day music festivals. Why? Just Why?" 


    12. "Sporting events, I know it’s loud already, but my God, what is the matter with their parents? Like, it’s a loud sporting event that will cause crying, and you will be shuffling through seats/crowds all the time for changes and small things…everyone begins to hate you."


    a basketball game

    13. "High school reunions. Why have these become Chuck E. Cheese venues?"


    14. "Breweries are just like bars, and babies/small children shouldn't be allowed. I shouldn't be expected to censor myself at a brewery because you thought it would be cool to have your toddler's birthday party two tables away and you dislike my adult topic of conversation. If you want to drink beer while your kids run around yelling, throw a backyard BBQ, buy a case, and invite your friends over like my folks did."


    people having fun at a brewery

    15. "Social media. The whole pressure to post your baby is ridiculous. Some people just want to enjoy their kids in peace, and the whole 'lemme see lemme see' energy directed at parents is unnecessary. Plus, with advancements in photo manipulation, it’s just weird."


    16. "Funerals. I was at one last year where a college-age son was reading a eulogy about his late mother when one couple's baby started crying. I think everyone understood and accepted that, but the couple didn't leave until they were asked to a few minutes later."


    mourners at a funeral

    17. "The zoo. Why newborn parents immediately take their newborns to the zoo to get pictures is beyond me. It doesn’t care about the zoo, and you are bringing a small human with no immune system around wild animals for your photo op?? WHY?"


    18. "The gym…it makes no sense."


    person working out at the gym

    And finally...

    19. "This is oddly specific but lumberjack competitions. There was one going on in my town, and I thought, 'Why not check it out? People doing crazy shit with chainsaws? Sick.' What I did NOT expect is people bringing actual newborns/tiny infants. It was indoors, mind you, and some of the parents put headphones on the baby, but STILL."


    lumberjack sawing through a tree

    What are some places you think newborns shouldn't be allowed? Let me know in the comment section below!