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    19 Tweets That Prove The "Peaky Blinders" Finale Is One Of The Best Of All Time

    "I honestly think it was my favourite finale of any show ever."

    WARNING: There are mild spoilers for the Peaky Blinders finale in this post.

    Peaky Blinders has officially come to an end (at least until the movie comes out).

    Thanks for watching #PeakyBlinders Thank you to all the incredible fans who have been a part of the journey over the last ten years. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Now we Peaky Blinders rest. 📷 Robert Viglasky

    Robert Viglasky / BBC / Via Twitter: @ThePeakyBlinder

    If you haven't watched the show yet, fans' reactions to the finale will probably make you want to start.

    Here's what Peaky Blinders fans had to say about the finale:


    peaky blinders' finale, a brief summary: "don't fuck with the peaky blinders"

    Twitter: @peakybastard


    me trying to digest the finale of #PeakyBlinders

    Fox / Via Twitter: @daniellelongx


    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @daniellelongx


    Cant get over that Peaky Blinders finale. ‘I don’t shoot dogs, I shoot fascists’, followed by the best scene in the series.

    Twitter: @casey1892


    BBC / Via Twitter: @sweetdyl_


    Brilliant end to a brilliant series. 👏🏻 #PeakyBlinders

    BBC / Via Twitter: @Trillian_01


    A brilliant finale to the best show. Whilst it was the weakest season, the ending was perfect. Cillian Murphy created one of the greatest characters of all time with Tommy Shelby! The fuck am I gonna obsess over now? #PeakyBlinders

    BBC / Via Twitter: @MorganMaggs


    Thomas f**king Shelby. What a final episode, what a show #PeakyBlinders

    Twitter: @Kerry13_


    The nation watching that Arthur Tommy hug #PeakyBlinders

    HBO / Via Twitter: @thatjodewbu


    thought i’d feel so heartbroken by the peaky blinders finale but honestly? it was perfect. a perfect way to say goodbye to such a beautiful show and to appreciate all that is the character of tommy shelby. #PeakyBlinders

    BBC / Via Twitter: @lewisxdaya


    Tell me this wasn’t the one of the coldest scenes you’ve ever watched #PeakyBlinders

    BBC / Via Twitter: @UtdLuke3


    Peaky Blinders is one of the best Shows ever to grace the screen and i wont be told otherwise 🤌 that ending has set it up perfectly

    Twitter: @Flittdog_


    feel absolutely devestated for anyone who has not seen #PeakyBlinders and who has not just enjoyed that MASTERPIECE of a finale for truly one of the best shows of a generation. enter on the dark, black horse & exit on the white. what an ending.

    BBC / Via Twitter: @A_AliceMay


    What a cast, simply brilliant and the ending was just so perfect. Will miss you Peaky Blinders.

    Twitter: @nosilla1964


    @ThePeakyBlinder was insane, beautiful series finale, Arthur's last scene at the end was incredible damn

    Twitter: @dukekeats


    #PeakyBlinders nobody: the writers giving us heart attacks by thinking tommy is dead but he’s just sleeping:

    BBC / Via Twitter: @abigails_x


    Just watched the Peaky Blinders finale and I honestly think it was my favourite finale of any show ever.

    Twitter: @PipaWolf


    Everyone in the UK watching the Finale of Peaky Blinders: #PeakyBlinders

    NBC / Via Twitter: @NoveltyBobble12


    i thought i’d feel distraught and upset but i actually feel so at peace and content. this was a beautiful episode with such a poetic ending. it definitely feels like the beginning of something, not the end. #peakyblinders

    Twitter: @theshclbys

    20. Did you see the Peaky Blinders finale? What'd you think? Sound off in the comments!