Here's What Fans Are Saying About The "Only Murders In The Building" Season 2 Premiere

    "Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez are a hell of a trio."

    WARNING: There are spoilers for Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building in this post.

    Only Murders in the Building is back, and fans — like myself — are as happy as Oliver enjoying a good dip.

    Between the new additions to the cast, our old favorites, and Mabel's very good taste in clothes, fans have a lot of thoughts about the Season 2 premiere.

    Here's what they're saying:


    I'm one episode in and I already want #OMITB to be renewed for Season 3.

    Twitter: @bigscreenleaks


    Not even 10 minutes into the new seasons of OMITB and I'm HOWLING . I love Selena sm !!

    Twitter: @charliejxcob


    Very glad to have Only Murders In The Building back. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are a hell of a trio. Season 2 is already 🔥

    Twitter: @ShannonOConnor0


    Surprised by the meta humor thus far in only murders in the building Season 2.

    Twitter: @MattJohnNBA


    not mabel being more active on instagram than selena herself 😭 #omitb @selenagomez

    Twitter: @withluvselena / Hulu


    i love selena gomez in only murders in the building as mabel so much and i love the show so much like its just so good and funny 😭

    Twitter: @fuxinjazmin


    The fact that yall are mad proves the point that selena played her character perfectly because that's how mabel is supposed to be portrayed 😹

    Twitter: @stainedvicio


    i'm gonna need alice to not be the killer because i wanna see her and mabel be endgame 😭 us sapphics barely get good representation and wlw characters & ships are treated like dirt. let me have something good when i see it. #OMITB #onlymurdersonhulu #onlymurdersinthebuilding

    Twitter: @haIseyswife / Hulu


    I believe cara delevingne is the murderer in omitb s2 off of absolutely no evidence. just her vibe

    Twitter: @paulswhtn


    any scene featuring them counts as a commercial break i don’t make the rules #OnlyMurders #OMITB #OnlyMurdersInTheBuilding

    Twitter: @richonnescamino / Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu, Barbara Nitke/Hulu


    feel like alice is gonna use that footage of mabel to prove that she’s violent or something idk… i don’t trust it

    Twitter: @sweeterheavens


    Dying to know more about Mabel’s aunt with good taste #OMITB #OnlyMurders

    Twitter: @istangirls23 / Hulu


    "now that i think of it i have had my doubts about mabel" IM CRYING OLIVER PLS

    Twitter: @willowchastain


    Oliver being upset - At having his face cropped out of the newspaper front page which is showing persons of interest in a murder case😂 - And secondly, feeling left out for the killer is trying to frame only Mabel & Charles but not him🤣 WHY IS HE LIKE THIS?😭😂😭 #OnlyMurders

    Twitter: @koilak2 / Hulu


    i don't want to be that person but when charles said who's cooler than me and mabel answered everyone with the "u idiot" look, i felt like alex russo was talking

    Twitter: @rubysdawn


    Selena saying that Mabel is an older version of Alex Russo? I know that's right! 👏🏾 I've been thinking that since S1 💯 #OMITB

    Twitter: @DreamWriter_20 / Hulu


    Mabel having Charles’ phone number saved as Charles (old) is still the funniest fucking thing #onlymurders

    Twitter: @amandakelley91


    Charles and Mabel accidentally matching in episode 2 is kinda dope.

    Twitter: @BennettDBennett


    oli mabel and charles collectively have a single braincell and mabel holds it most of the time 😭

    Twitter: @sapphicsersi