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    These "From Scratch" Viewers Were Completely Unprepared For How Devastating The Show Is

    "I am a shell of my former self."

    Netflix's series From Scratch is making quite a splash on Twitter.

    zoe saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea in from scratch

    The series is based on the memoir From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily and Finding Home by Tembi Locke, who wrote about meeting and falling in love with Italian chef, Rosario Gullo.

    tembi locke at the from scratch premiere

    Judging from a lot of the tweets, people had no idea what they were in for.

    Netflix did try to warn people — though it was too late for a lot of them.

    Only watch From Scratch if you’re ready to cryyyyy…like eyes red, boogers everywhere kinda cry.

    Twitter: @netflix

    Here are 17 people who were emotionally wrecked by From Scratch.


    didn’t expect “From Scratch” on Netflix to make me an emotional wreck… and it’s even based on a true story😢🥺

    Twitter: @faii__o


    “From Scratch” (Netflix) had me crying so hard. A whole thug like me? I’m so happy I gave it a chance sha. Beautiful!

    Twitter: @veeiye


    I casually started #FromScratch while doing laundry and eight hours later, I am a shell of my former self. Wiping tears with dish cloths. I wasn’t ready. One of my favorites this year. 🤍

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @OtherWynnGirl


    From Scratch needs a disclaimer, I was expecting Emily in Paris, why am I crying so much #fromscratchnetflix

    Twitter: @hameedat_


    The way this show has had me ugly crying for 4 episodes straight !!! #FromScratch

    Disney / Via Twitter: @Brendamariexo


    Watched From Scratch on Netflix. The triggers, the tears. What a difficult series to watch. My heart broke a million ways with each episode ☹️

    Twitter: @LeratoMannya


    put on from scratch on netflix thinking it was a show about food or something and now my heart is broken and no part of me was ready for it

    HBO / Via Twitter: @bella_xciv


    That’s how a friend of mine called me today sobbing, and I was legit worried, close to freaking out only for her to tell me she was watching the show “From the scratch”. @netflix do something please.

    Twitter: @MrNzide


    #FromScratch on @netflix has broken me. I have not cried this hard since Beaches.

    Twitter: @call_me_Deeee


    What started out as a corny romance turned into the most heart wrenching thing since The Fault In Our Stars. I have cried so hard. Please avoid #FromScratch on Netflix if you hate tears. Ha

    Fox / Via Twitter: @eatpraystyle


    I just sobbed for hours while watching #fromscratch the other day. Like full on blubbering. So, if you’re not into that then I don’t suggest watching. It could thaw the coldest of hearts, I’m not joking. Should come with a warning.

    Twitter: @father_kae


    I'm not the one sobbing watching #fromscratch on the plane, you are.

    Twitter: @ajospin


    Episode 7 & 8 of Netflix’s #FromScratch had me crying chile . Whew nobody warned me.

    MTV / Via Twitter: @beebee_tw


    I just wanted to see Zoe Salda and cooking, now I'm ugly crying my eyes out over a goat 🤧 #FromScratch

    Twitter: @Celineiwas


    I kept seeing people say that they cried watching #FromScratch on Netflix and I was like I’m not going to cry it won’t be that bad. I cried.

    Twitter: @APieceOfTee


    Naaa #FromScratch had me crying through almost every episode like a lil bitch😩

    ABC / Via Twitter: @nxrnia_5

    Did you watch From Scratch? If so what'd you think of it? Sound off in the comments!

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