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    10 Reasons We Love Melanie Lynskey

    I'm going to need to see the outtakes from that Yellowjackets book club scene immediately.

    Melanie Lynskey is truly having ~A Moment~ right now, and it's extremely well-deserved (if not a bit past due). Here are just a few of many reasons to love the Yellowjackets star.

    1. She's been landing interesting roles since she was a kid.

    Splitscreen of Melanie Lynskey in Heavenly Creatures, Ever After, and Castle Rock

    2. She cares about telling unusual stories about unusual people.

    3. She also cares about portraying real women.

    Melanie Lynskey in Yellowjackets

    4. She doesn't stand for bodyshaming.

    Melanie Lynskey in Yellowjackets

    5. She's committed to making the right choices for her characters.

    Adam and Shauna in Yellowjackets

    6. She stands up for people she cares about.

    7. She's dedicated to setting a good example for her daughter.

    View this video on YouTube

    CBS / Via

    During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Lynskey talked about how she almost passed on Yellowjackets because she wanted to spend time with her daughter and was exhausted after filming projects like Mrs. America, Lady of the Manor, and Don't Look Up.

    Ultimately, after reading the script, she couldn't say no because it was "so good," and she also felt it would be good for her daughter to see her working and doing something she's passionate about. "I want that for her future," Lynskey added.

    8. She and her husband (and former costar), Jason Ritter, are super cute and funny together.

    The cut @JasonRitter and I saw of episode 8 of Yellowjackets was very rough, with temp effects, etc. When the big plane explosion happened a subtitle said “debris falls from the sky” and he said “ooh, who’s Debris? Have we seen her yet? She survives!” Still laughing about it

    Twitter: @melanielynskey

    Couple goals? Yes.

    9. She found a certain Yellowjackets scene just as hilarious as the rest of us did.

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    Showtime / Via

    The show consists mostly of memorable moments, but one that's really stood out to fans is when, in the penultimate episode of Season 1, Jeff finds out Shauna has been lying to him about her new hobby. His response, "There's no book club?!", became an instant classic — to the audience and to Lynskey.

    "We got to the blocking rehearsal and I said to Warren, 'I’m going to apologize to you right now. I’m not going to be able to get through this and not laugh for probably the first 10 takes and I really do apologize,'" she told IndieWire, adding, "I actually don’t know who wrote that line and I think it’s brilliant. And his delivery! But yeah, it was hard for me to get through it without cracking me up."

    Yeah, I'm going to need to see the outtakes from that scene ASAP.

    10. She geeks out over the TV shows and movies she loves as much as her fans geek out over her.

    My husband got me this T-shirt for Christmas. It’s 10pm and our toddler is still up. This is exactly my mood (also, who has seen this deeply unhinged and insanely addictive show)

    Twitter: @melanielynskey

    She tweets about her favorite shows and movies just as much as the rest of us. She loves Succession (relatable), considers Michaela Coel "magic" (also relatable), and thinks Chloe Zhao is a "master" (again — relatable!)

    Suffice it to say, Melanie Lynskey is an international treasure and deserves many, many flowers.

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