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    19 Fan Reactions That Prove "Marry Me" Is The Rom-Com We Need Right Now

    We really had to wait over three years for another J.Lo rom-com!

    Valentine's Day might be over, but that's no reason not to watch Marry Me, J.Lo and Owen Wilson's new rom-com.

    The movie is very Notting Hill, but with the world's biggest pop star instead of the world's biggest movie star.

    If you're still on the fence about watching Marry Me, take a look at these (very convincing) reasons why you should:

    🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨


    Marry Me is pure delight from start to finish. A romcom for romcom lovers that pays homage to Pretty Woman, The Bodyguard, When Harry Met Sally… it’s JLo at her movie star best and had me grinning ear-to-ear. The costumes. The music. The Maluma. Living for it.

    Twitter: @sashaperlraver Universal Pictures


    #MarryMe is perfect. I mean that. The production, the casting (of course!), the acting, the writing, the jokes JLo is amazing and endearing, as is Owen Wilson. Everything is perfect.

    Twitter: @90sbabyviews


    This is a surprisingly-good film. Celebrity obsession on social media is portrayed with total accuracy. One of @JLo's best rom-coms in years. I'd wish she and @maluma had played themselves. I don't know if #MarryMe (the song) is already a hit or a soon-to-be 1. #MarryMeMovie

    Twitter: @maurmarmolejo Universal Pictures


    Yes, look, I had a few glasses of champagne and giggled my whole way through #MarryMe and it was a really great time. Also I could write a thesis on why JLo is a Golden Age Hollywood star but for OUR TIME and also she deserves more respect. Don’t try me, I’ll do it.

    Twitter: @DanielJLayton Universal Pictures


    Omg #MarryMe is actually REALLY FUN & ROMANTICCCC!! 🥰💖 I had no expectations & I really do unironically love it!! Thank you sis, for having me watch it w/ her!! ❤️👏 If you guys have Peacock or want a movie rental one night, this isn’t a bad choice at all! 😉💜💖❤️

    Twitter: @HaleyTheRadiant Universal Pictures


    On top of being delightful movie #MarryMe have an excellent soundtrack, can't stop listening to it

    Twitter: @modytalkmovies


    I watched that entire movie like this. #MarryMe

    Twitter: @MagicHandz


    this is Jennifer Lopez’s best comedy film in years !!! I love that it’s self aware of its premise and it has FUN with it. my hopeless romantic ass LOVES it !!! ✅✅✅ #MarryMe @JLo

    Twitter: @edgargein


    I’m a sucker for a rom-com and #MarryMe was old school perfection (and I still love JLo😍)

    Twitter: @hnb6458 Universal Pictures


    When I say this movie is a must see it would be an understatement! This movie is funny yet so so cute and real!! It’s good to see a good movie during these uncertain times👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #MarryMe

    Twitter: @all4BADDz Universal Pictures


    #MarryMe was very cute. Jennifer Lopez is still the queen of romcoms! 🙌🏾

    Twitter: @ItsNiaMonet


    Finished #MarryMe, yeah Jlo hasn’t lost her touch

    Twitter: @Rowlegendary


    Marry Me!!! Filled with bops, actual movie star charisma, periodic Notting Hill homages, only a few hamfisted NBC synergy attempts, hot Maluma, plus honestly J-Lo has never sounded better??? Streaming on Peacock, endorse

    Twitter: @annehelen


    I just came home from the movie theater with my sister, watching #MarryMe was so fun, beautiful, cute and most of all very personal. OMG we both enjoyed it so much. Love this movie @jlo it's so amazingly beautiful!

    Twitter: @iluhyabiebs



    Twitter: @shescreams_ke


    If you're looking for a Valentine's weekend movie, #MarryMe is your go-to. Great chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. Sarah Silverman is hilarious as ever. For those worried the premise is "too much" the movie does treat it as the wild scenario it is which is nice.

    Twitter: @juliadelbel


    Since last night, I’ve been locked on #MarryMe soundtracks after watching the movie. Damn, @JLo did great. Amazing performance. Both the movie and soundtrack is really beautiful. Big ups to the cast, writers and production team. Bravo 👏

    Twitter: @honeythatcher65


    Went to see Marry Me last Friday and been listening to the soundtrack ever since. Just not quite ready to leave the JLo romance world

    Twitter: @XoshaRockstar


    this is Jennifer Lopez’s best comedy film in years !!! I love that it’s self aware of its premise and it has FUN with it. my hopeless romantic ass LOVES it !!! ✅✅✅ #MarryMe @JLo

    Twitter: @edgargein

    Will you be watching Marry Me? Let us know in the comments!

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