6 Side-By-Sides That Show The “Love & Death” Cast Vs. The Real People Who Inspired The Series

    Let's see what you think of these castings.

    1. First, here's Elizabeth Olsen in Love & Death as Candy Montgomery, a housewife and mom who had an affair with her neighbor Allan Gore in the late 1970s.

    elizabeth olsen playing candy montgomery during a scene where she's taking a polygraph test in love and death

    And here's the real Candy Montgomery. In 1980, she was accused of murdering Allan's wife, Betty. She pled self-defense, saying Betty attacked her first after finding out about the affair. Candy was ultimately found not guilty.

    candy montgomery

    2. Here's Lily Rabe as Betty Gore. Her marriage to Allan was reportedly rocky already when Candy approached him about having an affair.

    lily rabe as betty gore looking concerned

    And here's the real Betty Gore. She died after Candy struck her with an axe 41 times on June 13, 1980.

    betty gore holding a dog and smiling

    3. Here's Jesse Plemons as Allan Gore. He was out of town at the time of his wife's death, and after being unable to reach her by phone, asked a neighbor to investigate.

    jesse plemons as allan gore

    And here's the real Allan Gore. Following Betty's death, he admitted to the police that he and Candy had had an affair, providing them with the motive they'd been searching for.

    4. Here's Patrick Fugit as Pat Montgomery, Candy's husband, who stuck by her side throughout the trial.

    patrick fugit as pat montgomery

    And here's the real Pat Montgomery. They stayed together for a few years after the trial before divorcing in 1986.

    candy and pat montgomery

    5. Here's Tom Pelphrey as Don Crowder, a personal injury attorney Candy knew from her church, who she hired to lead her defense.

    tom Pelphrey as don crowder

    And here's the real Don Crowder, who received numerous death threats from people who were displeased he decided to defend Candy.

    don crowder

    6. Here's Adam Cropper as Robert Udashen, the defense attorney hired to assist Don Crowder.

    tom pelphry as don crowder and adam cropper as robert udashen

    And finally, here's the real Robert Udashen. Because Crowder wasn't well-versed in criminal law, building the defense fell largely on Udashen.

    robert udashen

    Love & Death is currently streaming on HBO Max.

    A previous version of this post mistakenly identified Allan Gore. It has been updated.