Here's What People Are Saying About "Inside Man" Starring David Tennant And Stanley Tucci

    "'Inside Man' is just 'Sherlock' in prison."

    The BBC One series, Inside Man, which premiered in the UK in late September, hit Netflix on October 31, so a lot more people have been watching it over the past couple of weeks.

    stanley tucci as a prisoner in inside man

    I myself still haven't seen it, but I was curious about what folks had to say about it.

    The opinions are all over the place, and honestly, after reading these tweets, I have no idea if I should watch it.

    Here's what people are saying:


    What kind of series did I just watch #InsideMan. Started off okay and it just all went ballistic, all in 4 episodes.

    Twitter: @Mandzhu


    The Inside Man on Netflix is good but stupid at the same time, i don’t know how to describe it but i’m really pissed.

    Twitter: @yooguesswho


    I really want to like #InsideMan but the only likeable and watchable parts are when Stanley Tucci is on the screen…

    20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @DownUnderLandA


    #AtkinsEstimond plays this character, Dillon, in the new series #InsideMan. His performance is truly brilliant. I’ve never wanted to know more so badly about a character.

    BBC One / Netflix / Via Twitter: @MirandaShorty5


    I thoroughly enjoyed #InsideMan. I get that there is a following about how dumb people are and how unavoidable alot of it was, but…that feeling of “why?!” is what drives you to keep watching imo. You get to watch dumb things happen to dumb people, and it’s pretty thrilling.

    Twitter: @Hawk2ye


    If you're thinking about watching Inside Man on Netflix, feel free. Just know it is basically a Series of Really Stupid Unfortunate Events that you'll continue watching despite how stupid.

    Twitter: @CharlesWriteNow


    The dumbest person on the dumbest show I’ve watched in ages. #InsideMan

    BBC One / Netflix / Via Twitter: @i__m__kered


    I have never been more frustrated with a show than this gahdamn #insideman on Netflix. Fuck everyone involved.

    Twitter: @KeyaraFoxx


    Inside Man is bananas and you have to just give yourself over to it. BUT it has a lot going for it with it’s unsettling tone and surprising performances. #InsideMan

    Twitter: @TeriHart


    absolutely losing my mind. #insideman is just sherlock in prison, complete with a crime solving asshole who only solves crimes of interest to him, a dude with a perfect memory, baker street irregulars, and exclusively female victims. steven moffat has never an original idea 😭

    AMC / Via Twitter: @brittania_


    This new show on Netflix called #InsideMan by Steven Moffat (Sherlock Writer) is really interesting 👌🏻👌🏻

    Twitter: @theChicaCuriosa


    I just started watching #InsideMan on @netflix. Love it. Was hooked just a few minutes into it.

    Twitter: @AlleyDalley


    Janice was a deplorable and despicable character on #InsideMan I was literally rooting against her because I cannot stand manipulative individuals.

    Twitter: @Dexter_Johnson


    Yeah this lady Janice might actually be the scariest, most intimidating character I've seen on TV in a long, long time. #InsideMan

    BBC One / Netflix / Via Twitter: @RoacherTV


    Inside man on Netflix has such great actors but is actual garbage, I do not understand #insideman

    Twitter: @kayjayaitch


    #InsideMan had potential, but what a confused, frustrating mess. Not sure how they got Stanley Tucci and David Tennant on board with that script

    Twitter: @Paul_Sanford_


    i think im one of the only people on twitter enjoying this show #InsideMan

    Twitter: @huntererika6


    Reading the #InsideMan hashtag and feeling camaraderie w everyone else who thought this show was stupid as hell. This is what Twitter is for & we can’t let them take this away from us.

    Twitter: @SquiggyGee

    Did you watch Inside Man? What'd you think of it? Sound off in the comments!