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    People Are Sharing The Huge Purchases Their Partners Made Without Discussing It With Them First

    These will make you think twice before opening up that joint savings account.

    I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell me about the big purchases their significant others made without consulting them.

    And boy, did it ever reaffirm my decision to never combine finances with a partner.

    There were the super random purchases:

    1. "Not me but my parents. One weekend when my mom was out of town, visiting me actually, my dad had a bow flex delivered. Obviously, my mom had no idea he’d even ordered it. It’s basically a coat rack now."


    2. "My late husband bought a $700 sea kayak that he only used a handful of times. He put it on a credit card. After that, I made the $100 rule: if you want to spend $100 or more, we must discuss first. 🙄"


    3. "My ex-husband had a real problem with this. Over the course of our eight-year relationship, he bought a dirt bike, a garage, multiple giant stones to make a wall, storage containers the size of trailers, a random old truck to 'bring to car shows,' and a second 'run around' vehicle. There’s plenty more but he’s my ex-husband for a reason."


    Speaking of vehicles, that was a common theme in the replies:

    4. "A car. He was my husband. Then he bought a car without telling me. Now he’s my ex-husband."


    5. "Ex-husband bought a brand new car while not paying his student loans and while I struggled to meal plan with our food stamps. Yeah, fuck that guy."


    6. "Porsche 911. We did want to buy a new car for a while and were planning to get an EV. We looked at a few electric models but the wait times were measured in years for most of them. Then one day my husband went outside while I was working from home. I didn’t make much of it as we both are remote and take breaks as we please. Next thing I know, he calls me from a Porsche dealership and tells me he’s getting a 911. I don’t mind much as he covers the entire lease and insurance, it’s a good car. The only problem is that dog hates it because she now has to wear shoes whenever we go somewhere."


    7. "Not me, but my parents. My dad stopped at a car sale (dealers set up a temporary dealership lot during things like state fairs & outdoor festivals in my area). My dad and uncle got out and were gone for about 30 mins while my mom, aunt & I just stayed in the truck chatting. He came back and told us to gather all our stuff, he had just bought a new truck. My dad signed & bought a $20,000 truck without even running it by my mom, who handled all the money. And we were paycheck to paycheck at that time so we didn't have the extra laying around. Flash forward a few years and my dad did it again, he emptied the savings account my mom has started for a family vacation to build a massive garage. Again, he signed the papers and everything and didn't tell my mom until it was all finalized."


    Pets were another big one:

    8. "My husband adopted a dog. I was going on a girls' weekend, and he dropped me off to carpool, took my brand new car, and went straight to the humane society. I was gone about two hours when he sent me a picture of a puppy in our backyard… We were in the middle of potty training our toddler, fertility treatments to have a second and we already had a dog and two cats and there was NO discussion about getting a second."


    9. "My husband has not once but twice gotten a pet without speaking to me about it first. First a cat, then a dog. It's not a big upfront expense, but it is an extended cost and years-long commitment that we really should have discussed first."


    10. "My then-husband bought a horse while I was out of town visiting family. To be clear, we didn’t live on a farm, we were renting a duplex. We had also never discussed getting a horse. He got the horse, and made some half-ass plans for where he was going to keep it, never even thought about how we’d afford feed and care."


    11. "My husband bought a sun conure as a mate to the one he already had. This bird was supposedly hand-tame, but in actuality hated us with every ounce of her being. And they live upwards of 30 years in captivity. Fortunately, she did pair well with our male conure; unfortunately, she died prematurely, after a $1,200 vet bill. We don't know the cause."


    A few people talked about their partners buying whole-ass houses, Jim Halpert-style:

    12. "A house. He made an offer on a house with no conditions. Unsurprisingly, we are now divorced."


    13. "My (obviously now ex-)boyfriend and I had been together for about two years and had talked about our future plans for moving in together and marriage. We were young so they weren’t immediate plans, but it was definitely a serious, committed relationship. (Or so I thought.)"

    "Then he single-handedly bought a house and informed me via text message after the fact. The house he chose was as if he’d specifically looked for everything I’d ever said I *didn’t* want in a place to live. This probably should have been an enormous red flag that he didn’t see us as equal partners creating a future together, but rather that he was building his own life and I could come along or not. I should have chosen 'not.' Alas, I was 22 and foolish, and we stayed together for almost another year while I tried to make the best of the situation." —ddaisy

    A couple people shared how they were the culprits:

    14. "I was actually the one who did it... the car I was in at the time needed at least $5K worth of work done. Tires, transmission, it had a water leak, etc. Our daughter was about three months old at the time, and I'm the one who primarily drives her to/from wherever we need to be so a lot of time is spent in the car on the road. The straw that broke the camel's back was the first cold morning of fall & my heat went out. I work at a car dealership, so that morning I got to work and started browsing. I took the car I wanted home for the night (primarily to make sure the car seat fit okay but to also get my boyfriend's opinion). We talked about it a little bit when he got home, but he was still very much on the fence. Well, I pulled the trigger on it the next day."

    "Because of the negative equity from my old car, my payment jumped from $320/mo. to $584/mo. for the next six years. My boyfriend wasn't too happy with me, but hey, at least he knows my daughter and I are now in something safe and reliable!" —joyfultable598

    15. "I got a dog without telling my husband. A friend operates a rescue and this special needs dog was in desperate need of a home. I know my husband very well and knew that he’d fall in love with the dog. He fell in love with the dog. This six-pound dog now follows my husband everywhere and burrows into his hoodie when it’s cold. My husband now refers to the dog as the best purchase we ever made."


    And finally, some well-deserved revenge:

    16. "My ex-husband spent around $500 for a gaming chair, $200 for a keyboard and mouse, $300 on a mic, $100 on headphones (with its own mic), and well over $1,000 (yes a thousand) on gun and knife skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

    "He used his setup exactly two times before he assaulted my daughter, mother, and me, and we had him arrested and evicted. So his account was logged into the marketplace online and all his skins plus his knives/guns sold for a penny each, his gaming chair for $5, his mic and headphone for $4 together, and his keyboard and mouse were donated to a gamer in need of charity. Can't say who sold all his stuff, though." —Dane Broflovski