8 Fan Theories About The Final Season Of “Killing Eve”

    "No one chokes Eve but me." - Villanelle, probably

    The fourth season of Killing Eve is just days away.

    Unfortunately, it's also the final season.

    Which means fans haven't got much longer to pore over all their theories about how the show will end.

    Here are some of the theories they've come up with:

    1. Villanelle and Eve will make it official

    2. Any other love interests are just cannon fodder

    Eve and Vallenelle being romantic with their respective love interests in Season 4 of Killing Eve

    3. Villanelle will be killed by MI6 and Eve will join the 12

    4. Yusuf will be responsible for Villanelle's death

    5. Konstantin will be revealed as Villanelle's biological father

    6. Konstantin will die

    7. Eve and Villanelle are endgame

    8. Villanelle and Eve will both die

    Do you have any theories about the final season of Killing Eve? Share them in the comments!