17 Fan Reactions To The New "A Christmas Story" Sequel

    This sequel deserves a major award.

    There's yet another entry in the A Christmas Story franchise — and yes, at this point, I'd call it a franchise, seeing as this year's sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas, is the fourth movie to feature Ralphie and the rest of the Parker family.

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    Reactions to the film seem pretty mixed — while I've seen a lot of praise for it, I also saw someone describe it as "one of the worst movies" they've ever seen in their life.

    As someone who has spent the majority of their Christmas Eves enjoying multiple viewings of A Christmas Story with my family — thanks TNT — for the most part, I got just what I was hoping for out of it: a blast of sentimental nostalgia.

    It's not a perfect movie, but I don't think anyone was really expecting it to be. It gives that feeling you get when you return to your hometown and see the people you grew up with, which is exactly what it should feel like given the plot.

    Here are 17 other people who enjoyed it:


    Just finished watching "A Christmas Story" and "A Christmas Story Christmas" back to back. They did a real nice job with the latter. It's a worthy successor to the original.

    Twitter: @PhantomNJ_DnD


    Okay, damn A Christmas Story Christmas was good. Really good. Peter Billingsley did an amazing job of capturing Jean Shepherd's enthusiasm.

    Twitter: @RetroZo_


    For anyone semi-curious the new A Christmas Story Christmas movie is very good. Even if you’re indifferent to the original or have never seen it, it’s still worth watching.

    MGM / Via Twitter: @TylerH


    A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS on HBO Max was about as good as it could have been. I wasn't expecting much from it at all. But it was nostalgic, warm, and funny...used as many of the original actors as possible. It seemed authentic. And the ending was excellent. 🐸🐸🐸

    Twitter: @EthanVanSciver


    A Christmas Story Christmas will always be a supplement to the original A Christmas Story, make no mistake, but Peter Billingsley is really talented, and the production cares so damn hard about trying to replicate the spirit of the original. I loved it to bits.

    Twitter: @graemeburk


    Loved #achristmasstorychristmas! Very well done. I might have cried? 😢 Was awesome to see @TotalZackWard!

    MGM / Via Twitter: @WDWdrunktrooper


    #AChristmasStoryChristmas does the original justice. Pays homage to the first while creating it owns story.

    Twitter: @MoviesRegular


    Also, I really did enjoy #AChristmasStoryChristmas! The subtle, wholesome approach to overcoming grief really resonated with me, making the experience both sentimental, and sweet.

    Twitter: @sphinx568


    Twitter is telling me that everyone hates the new #AChristmasStory but I've already cried real tears four times and I like it. #AChristmasStoryChristmas

    MGM / Via Twitter: @NotMyTypewriter


    I got way more emotional at A Christmas Story Christmas than I had any right to be. The original just has this special place in my heart and gives me so many happy memories. The sequel hit the nostalgia button a lot during the first 2/3rds but the final 1/3rd was damn great.

    Twitter: @HeKnowsTheScore


    Just watched #AChristmasStoryChristmas on HBO Max. A genuine and thoughtful love letter to the original. Was worried it might not be very good but it more than holds its own. If you like the original, you should like this.

    Twitter: @Aaron_Smith_26


    A Christmas Story Christmas was kind of lovely. While we naturally expect the worst when following up a classic, this strikes a good balance of nostalgia & emotion while also forwarding the characters & story. Not a classic itself but way better than it has any right being. 👍

    MGM Twitter: @GermainLussier


    As a parent I am truly enjoying this movie 😂 #AChristmasStoryChristmas

    Twitter: @photojimmy


    Just watched #AChristmasStoryChristmas with my family. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. It honors the original and is full of heart and humor. It’s also fun to see Ralphie and the gang all grown up. I related to the original as a child, and this one hits me as a parent.

    Twitter: @JenNimePalumbo


    #AChristmasStoryChristmas hit all the nostalgic and emotional notes I could ask for. All the parts talking about the passing of a family member really hit me hard seeing that I had lost my father several years ago. Loved seeing past cast members reprise their roles.

    HBO Max, HBO / Alamy, Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection, Apple TV+ / Everett Collection, New Line Cinema / Alamy / Via Twitter: @The89thDoctor


    I was so fond of #AChristmasStory that I was reluctant to engage with #AChristmasStoryChristmas, but I watched today on the recommendation of a friend whose dad died this year. It’s sweet and funny and beautiful.

    Twitter: @JeffreySheehan


    Surprise of the holiday season: A Christmas Story Christmas is …. Amazing. If you’re a fan of the original, this unlikely sequel does a pretty incredible job of continuing the spirit of Ralphie. #AChristmasStoryChristmas

    MGM / Via Twitter: @funnell

    Did you see A Christmas Story Christmas? What did you think of it?