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9 Times Paul Rudd Made You Fall In Love With Him

Marvel's newest superhero can get it — here's why.

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The Time He Totally Obliterated Jimmy Fallon in the Tonight Show Lip Sync Battle

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YouTube/TonightShow / Via

Who else can't hear "Don't Stop Me Now" without thinking of this?

The Time He Appeared on Sesame Street as a Giant Globe

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YouTube/Sesame Street / Via

Only Paul Rudd could make Sesame Street sensual.

The Time(s) He Tricked Conan Into Playing the Same Ridiculous Mac and Me Scene Over and Over

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YouTube/vman339 / Via

Excuse you, Conan, but nothing Paul Rudd does is a waste of anyone's time.

The Time He (Got Baked And?) Explained Why Men Are So Into Boobs

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Seriously, I'm pretty sure he smoked a blunt before answering this question as the adorable, stoned Paul Rudd he is.

The Time He Appeared on Billy on the Street

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YouTube/BillyontheStreet / Via

Who even says no to sex with Paul Rudd?

Do you remember where you were when you fell in love with Paul Rudd?

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