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13 Actors You Forgot Had Cameos On "Freaks And Geeks"

One of the best things about Freaks and Geeks is the abundance of secondary and minor characters who went on to have great careers of their own.

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1. Lizzy Caplan

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Before she was rocking weaves made out of your mother's chest hair in Mean Girls, Caplan played Sara, one of McKinley's resident cool girls with a crush on Nick (who she manages to snag by the end of series).

Appeared in: "Pilot," "Beers and Weirs," "Tests and Breasts," and "Discos and Dragons."

2. Ben Foster

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"Special," super-sweet Eli first popped up as Lindsay's kind-of-date to the homecoming dance, then as the most enthusiastic Three's Company fan ever.

Appeared in: "Pilot" and "Carded and Discarded."

3. Allen Covert

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It might seem like this guy only appears in Happy Madison movies, but he also played the nearly no-nonsense clerk who was hesitant to sell Sam, Neal, and Bill a keg of non-alcoholic beer.

Appeared in: "Beers and Weirs"


4. Rashida Jones

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After watching her in Parks and Recreation, it's hard to imagine Jones being a badass. As Kim's friend Karen, though, she's basically ready to kick Sam's ass if he doesn't move it in Freaks.

Appeared in: "Kim Kelly Is My Friend"


12. Samaire Armstrong

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Anna from The O.C. isn't the only of Samaire's offbeat, high school roles — she appeared in a couple episodes of Freaks as a hippie.

Appeared in: "Smooching and Mooching" and "Discos and Dragons"

13. Ben Stiller

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One of a handful of uncredited guest stars, Stiller popped up in the series' penultimate episode as a Secret Service agent going through a vocational identity crisis.

Appeared in: "The Little Things"

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