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Posted on Oct 22, 2017

Which One Of "The Two Fat Ladies" Are You More Like?

The OG queens of British cooking.

Move over Mary Berry, because there's only room for ONE British cooking queen.


Alright, maybe there's room for two...

And those two spots are reserved for none other than the OG queens of British cooking themselves, The Two Fat Ladies.

The CW

Queens. Culinary goddesses. British cooking pioneers. What else could I say that would do these two ladies justice?

There's Clarissa ― the daring chef who once suggested eating badgers, author of six books (co-writer of eight), and overall culinary BOSS.

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Then there's Jennifer ― the culinary rebel who went from being expelled in convent school to an international culinary sensation overnight.

BBC Two / Via Instagram: @marginallymasc

They taught a generation of cooks to be fearless and showed the world that British food is actually pretty darn delicious.

So, which one of these British cooking sensations are you more like?

  1. Which recipe would you be most excited to cook?

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  2. When riding on a motorcycle, do you prefer to sit side carriage or on the bike?

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  3. What is your go-to cooking tool?

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  4. Do you prefer cooking sweet or savory food?

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  5. What's your secret ingredient that takes your cooking to the next level?

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  6. What do you like to sip on when you cook?

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  7. Pick a fancy food you love to indulge in:

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  8. What's your biggest pet peeve?

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