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Hey Restaurant Workers, Which Customers Get On Your Nerves The Most?

Do they even realize they're being annoying?

Working in a restaurant is hard...

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And having to deal with certain customers only makes it harder.


You know who I'm talking about. The ones who order their Kobe steaks well-done...

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Like, why would you do that?

Or make six million modifications to their order β€” basically making up their own menu item.

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BURGER ORDER: no beef, sub chicken, extra cheese, light seasoning, well-done (almost burnt), light mayo, sub bun for tortilla.

Or what about those customers that claim they're allergic to something even though they're clearly just very picky...


Customer: "No onion on my burger β€” I'm highly allergic."

Server: "Sir, onions are actually mixed into the burger patty. We can't take them out."

Customer: "Oh, that should be fine β€” just none on top."

Or the ones who come in seven minutes before close β€” with about 10 of their friends?

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And don't even get me started on tipping.

So tell us: what things β€” big or small β€” piss you off the most?

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