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What Are The Most Underrated Costco Food Items?

What do you stock up on when hitting the ~club~?

Costco: the magical land of bulk items, free samples, and a killer food court.

As long as you have a membership card, you have access to an endless supply of bulk items ranging from electronics to kale chips.

But one thing that people don't realize is just how good their groceries are.

From fan favorites like Genovese basil pesto to creamy almond butter, they sell some seriously good stuff.

And I'm not talking about the goodies in the food court (because we all know that food is banging)...

I'm talking about the ~actual groceries~

What foods do you stock up on when hitting the club?

A pack of fresh zucchini noodles? A tub of mini burrata cheese balls? We want to know!

Same with drinks! From big multi-gallon jugs of iced tea, to bulk juice packs for kids, to their huge selection of booze — what are your favorite sips? Where are you getting the most bang for your buck?

Tell us about your favorite Costco food and drink finds in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!