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What Cookbooks Have Actually Helped You Become A Better Cook?

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Listen, a good cookbook can change the way you cook...


It can teach you new tricks and build confidence in the kitchen.

But sometimes, it can be hard to find ones that are actually worth buying.


Some are too complicated, some are too basic, and some just don't have enough pictures*...


*Which is a very real issue, IMO.

But every now and then, you'll find one that is literally PERFECT.


It teaches you new cooking hacks, has genius recipes that work every time, and is practical yet aspirational.

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A good cookbook can even transport you to new lands just like a great novel can.

So, what cookbooks did you discover in 2017? Did any change the way you cook or inspire you to get into the kitchen?

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Tell us what your absolute favorite cookbooks of 2017 were (and why!) in the comments below and they could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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