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We Tried The $1 Wine From Trader Joe's And Here's What Happened

Dollar wine: legit or nah?

Last week, Trader Joe's announced a new line of wine that retails for just one dollar (!!) a can.

Much like TJ's two-buck chuck, this boxed-wine-in-a-can sounded too good to be true, IMO.

But because I’m a broke AF wino with a passion for paying my rent on time AND wine and cheese pairings, I headed to our local TJ’s…

It was time to get our (one dollar) wine on...

First up? The white wine.

And we were into it, TBH.

Hannah's Review: It tastes like seltzer and grape juice, which isn’t too bad. This would be perfect for the beach, or even patio-drinking. It’s alright, actually!

Marie's Review: This tastes like soda. I could easily down one of these cans in no time. If you're looking for a wine that will challenge your palate or give you some sort of culinary experience, this is not the one. That being said, it's pretty good!

Jesse's Review: This is literally a classy version of a wine cooler. It tastes like a cross between white wine and a spritzer. I could drink one of these in a matter of minutes. I'm not tasting notes of pear and honeysuckle, but I'm not complaining either.

Overall: 7/10 🍷

Then we moved on to the rosé.

And we were into this one even more.

Hannah's Review: This has a nice peachy flavor to it. It would be perfect for taking to the beach. I prefer this to the white one, hands down.

Marie's Review: It tastes like strawberry soda. Again, I could easily down one of these.

Jesse's Review: It's like they literally took the white one and added more flavor to it. I wouldn't say this is the best of rosés, but I'm here for it. I would not be disappointed if I drank this at a barbecue (or in the shower, honestly).

Overall: 8/10 🍷

TL;DR: Both varieties were actually pretty good — especially the rosé. Not too sweet, refreshing, *just* enough pep of bubbles, and with a price tag that you can't really argue with. (TBH, you could have told me it was a $20 wine and I would have believed you.) If you're looking for a summer patio pounder, this would totally do the job.