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12 Foods That Were Super Trendy Five Years Ago, But Not So Much Today


Food trends come and go, and some chefs are eager to jump on the ~trendy~ bandwagon.


Remember just a few years ago when candied bacon on top of cupcakes was a thing? Yeah, me too...

So here are 12 food trends that chefs ~loved~ just a few years ago, but not so much today...

1. Foams made out of everything, on top of everything.

Instagram: @danielle_marie_d

Parmesan foam, tomato foam, chocolate foam — you name it, they made it. It kinda looked like spit, but it sure was ~trendy~.

2. Food plated on anything but a plate.

Instagram: @ordinaryfoodie

Sure, creativity is great, but food plated on rocks, shovels, and sinks was just a bit too much.

3. Sous vide everything.

Instagram: @chefcuisine

Sous vide cooking does come in handy, but as soon as the trend went mainstream, it seemed like chefs were cooking sous vide everything! Luckily, now that it's 2018 and sous vide eggs are served at coffee shops, the trend has fizzled out a bit.

4. Kobe sliders served at "gastropubs."

Instagram: @emanuelaseminara

Why would a chef take THE BEST beef in the world and turn it into a slider? 2010 was a weird year...

5. The wave of molecular gastronomy.

Instagram: @pigandpastrywagga

So ~avant garde~.

6. An entire menu of shareable small plates.

Instagram: @totallyjes

Tapas are great, but small plates are not — I'm hungry.

7. Bacon and pork belly on literally everything.

Instagram: @sugaandiceatl

Bacon IS great (the best, actually), but chefs took it too far in the early 2000s. Bacon ice cream, bacon cheesecake — they did it all!

8. Deconstructing everything.

Instagram: @readingtomycat

The thing that makes these classic dishes so tasty is that they're served together, not separated into tiny piles.

9. Kimchi in everything, including tacos.

Instagram: @itsgreyshull

Kimchi is delicious, but (just like bacon) shouldn't be in every single dish.

Disrespecting kimchi = not cool anymore.

10. Pickled everything.


Man, did pickles have a moment. Chefs made artisan pickles out of literally everything.

11. Fancy cupcakes.

Madisonwi / Getty Images

Cupcakes had a serious moment last decade and were taken to some pretty ~unusual~ places (fried chicken cupcakes anyone?). Sure, they were cute, but they were also literally everywhere.

12. Ramen overload.

Instagram: @top_london_restaurants

Just like kimchi, chefs found something delicious and took it to some pretty ~weird~ places.

But hey, how can we blame them? These foods were (and still are) delicious!


What cheffy food trends do you hate? Tell us below!