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    The Definitive Ranking Of Classic Holiday Foods

    From fruitcake to mashed potatoes.

    Listen up ya'll, not all holiday foods are created equal. In fact, some are straight up gross!!

    15. Fruitcake

    14. Turkey

    13. Candy Canes

    12. Ham

    11. Canned Cranberry Sauce

    10. Eggnog

    9. Sweet Potato Casserole

    8. Green Bean Casserole

    7. Stuffing

    6. Apple Cider

    5. Pie

    4. Brussels Sprouts

    3. Dinner Rolls

    2. Peppermint Bark

    1. Mashed Potatoes

    So, there you have it: My personal ranking of holiday foods. Disagree? Agree? Hate me for ranking fruitcake last? Let's fight it out in the comments...

    Disclaimer: I'm almost always wrong.