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14 Upgraded Holiday Desserts To Try This Year

Try something different this year.

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2. Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Pie

Classic pumpkin pie gets a major upgrade with a simple swirling of melted chocolate and butter. Once baked, it turns into a beautiful pattern that only looks like it took ages to make. Get the recipe here.


4. Cider Bourbon Apple Pie,

This pie ditches the top crust for a crumble topping that comes together in minutes. To make it even easier, feel free to use a store-bought crust for the bottom layer. Get the recipe here.

5. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Roll

A simple addition of chocolate chips makes this pumpkin roll extra special. Try it with bittersweet or dark chocolate chips to balance the sweetness and you'll have a new holiday favorite. Get the recipe here.

6. Baked Apple Hand Pies

If you're hosting guests this Thanksgiving, don't bother serving an entire pie ― instead, give your guests individual hand pies for an adorable surprise (that's also much easier to serve). Get the recipe here.

7. Caramel Apple Crisp Bars

Pro tip: Top these bars with some flaky sea salt before baking to transform them into a salted caramel variation. Get the recipe here.


8. Cranberry Gingersnap Pie

You know those bags of fresh cranberries that pop up every winter (that you never know what to do with)? Now you can finally put them to use by making a vibrant cranberry curd to fill this beautiful gingersnap tart. Get the recipe here.

9. Brown Butter Pecan Pie Bars

Brown butter (butter that has been heated until it turns brown and fragrant) gives these salty-sweet bars an intense nuttiness that's nothing like the sleepy pecan pie your aunt used to make. Get the recipe here.

10. Brûléed Bourbon Maple Pumpkin Pie

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If you don't have a kitchen torch handy to melt the sugar, a few minutes under a broiler will do just the trick (just make sure to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't burn.) Get the recipe here.

11. Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Besides being ridiculously beautiful, this purple pie is completely vegan thanks to coconut milk and tapioca starch (which can be found in the gluten-free section of your grocery store or online). Get the recipe here.


12. Salted Caramel Apple Galette

A galette might sound fancy, but it's actually much easier to make than a typical pie. Feel free to use store-bought crust or caramel sauce to make it even easier (or both ― no one needs to know). Get the recipe here.

13. Cranberry Pear Tart

This recipe does take some effort to make (you gotta make an almond cream and a crust), but the results are totally worth it. Just make sure you take the time to freeze your crust before baking ― doing so will make sure it comes out perfectly shaped and doesn't shrink. Get the recipe here.