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14 Midwestern Foods That Confuse The Fuck Outta Everyone Else

Canned pineapple + marshmallows + whipped topping = a salad.

For people living on the coasts, the Midwest can be a confusing place...

On top of the confusing geography and unique catch phrases (he's SCHNOOKERED!), the Midwest's regional foods can seem a bit foreign.

To help you navigate the heartland, here are 14 of their weirdest (and most beloved) foods explained:

1. Ambrosia/Watergate "Salad"

2. Hotdish

3. Puppy Chow

4. Cincinnati Chili

5. Horseshoe Sandwich

6. Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

7. Deep-Dish Pizza

8. St. Louis–Style Pizza

9. Beer Cheese

10. Goulash

11. Deep-Fried Cheese Curds

12. Anything "on a Stick"

13. Toasted Ravioli

14. Chippers

Let's eat!