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It's Here! Sign Up For Tasty's 7-Day Make-Ahead Meal Plan

Switch up your cooking routine.

Welcome to Tasty's 7-Day Make-Ahead Meal Plan!


We've developed seven days worth of easy and delicious meals for you to make, and we think you're going to love them. This time we focused on making preppable recipes that are quick and affordable — because you shouldn't have to spend a ton of time or money to eat well.

Interested? You can access the entire meal plan here to get a head start.


We've also created a Facebook group for you to connect with others who are participating in the week — including our recipe developer so you can ask questions or give feedback.

To learn more, just enter your email address below to get the recipes sent directly to your inbox for the next seven days.

(If you can't see the sign-up box above, enter your email address here.)

And check out a preview of the plan below:

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