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    The Pioneer Woman's Simple Egg Hack Is A Game Changer

    Never waste time cutting hard-boiled eggs again.

    Ree Drummond — aka The Pioneer Woman — knows a thing or two about cooking hacks.

    So when Drummond posted a step-by-step guide for easily chopping hard-boiled eggs on her Facebook page, people took notice.

    The hack, which utilizes a wire cooling rack placed over a large bowl, quickly dices hard-boiled eggs without having to use a knife.

    To do it, you just place an egg on top of the rack and gently press down.

    The pressure from your hand passes the egg through the rack and down into the bowl. It takes no time at all and quickly creates uniform pieces all without having to bust out a knife and cutting board.

    And although the pieces are not as perfect as using a knife, they're just fine for using in egg salad.

    Just make sure you start with hard-boiled eggs, not soft-boiled ones. If they're too soft they'll turn to mush instead of nice pieces.

    You can even get her recipe for egg salad that would be the ~perfect~ thing to use them in.

    So the next time you find yourself having to chop up a ton of boiled eggs (after Easter, perhaps), bust out your cooling rack to make life easier.

    What's your favorite Pioneer Woman cooking hack? Let us know in the comments!

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