16 Kitchen Organization Tricks I Learned Working In Restaurants

    Because chefs are organization pros.

    Hey! I'm Jesse and I've worked in kitchens my whole life. Lately I've been sharing some of the best cooking tips, secrets, and bits of humor I picked up along the way.

    But one thing I haven't touched on yet is how chefs manage to keep their kitchens so. damn. organized. It's maybe the most important takeaway.

    So here are 14 of the best restaurant organization tricks you can use in your own kitchen:

    1. Store small pantry items such as spices and seeds in deli containers...

    2. And store bulky items such as flour and sugar in Cambros.

    3. Practice F.I.F.O. (first in, first out).

    4. Create a safe space to store your knives to prevent damage.

    5. Ditch those soggy sponges for durable green scrubbies used in restaurants.

    6. Have at least two cutting boards and reserve one for sweet recipes...

    7. And set them up as though it were your workstation.

    8. Use Metro racks to create inexpensive custom shelving for your kitchen and pantry.

    9. Browse online restaurant supply stores such as Webstaurant for industrial storage options.

    10. Avoid storing food in places that get hot (like above the stove).

    11. Learn how to organize your fridge like a restaurant walk-in.

    12. Get yourself a pack of big squeeze bottles for oils and vinegars, and mini ones for condiments.

    13. The space next to your stove is for wooden spoons, spatulas, and anything else you need for actual cooking.

    14. Don't put heavy shit on the top shelf.

    15. Hang a dry-erase board on your fridge to keep inventory of everything you need.

    16. Last but not least, MISE. EN. PLACE.

    Let's get organized!